1-1 Practitioner Guidance

with Chad Charles

Personalized 1-1 practitioner guidance

Who can apply:

New practitioners who:

  • Want to learn from an experienced practitioner as well as others
  • May be entering clinical research projects and need some ‘know how’
  • Value peer networks
  • Value learning from others instead of needing to ‘reinvent the wheel’
  • See Best Practices and Ethical Commitments as guiding lights to inform their offering
  • Recognize that competency is an integral part of being ‘ready’ 

Established practitioners who:

  • Value cohort networks and ongoing reflection from peers
  • See Best Practices and Ethical Commitments as guiding lights to inform their offering
  • Want to learn more and continually evolve
  • Continue to allow themselves to be impacted
  • Wish to align/transfer their skillsets from other honed practices (i.e., other substances) with the uniqueness of this experience


Why choose my guidance?

Whether you’re new to this work or well-established, I aspire to see you and support you to find even greater excellence in your practice through one-on-one guidance calls. 

The structure of the guidance relationship will depend on many factors and will be determined in the initial call. Your experience level, learning style, and level of commitment, as well as my availability and more, play a role in how we may work together.

In-person guidance opportunities can emerge from these calls; this is where guidance can turn more in to a mentor-apprentice style relationship. We can discuss this in the initial call.

There will be the eventual possibility to join an international network of conscientious practitioners of all levels of experience and orientation/approach.

Call commitment ‘packages’ and pricing are subject to change in 2023. The first call is paid, and it’s on that call where we go over the application form and discover how we may wish to work together. Once I receive your application, I’ll follow up with the calendar.

What I have to offer is guidance that is peer-to-peer. I don’t claim to have the answers or know what is the way. I draw upon my direct experience in the field:

As a practitioner:

  • Began serving in 2016
  • Case history of ~750 individual recipients/clients
  • ~1400 sessions: 80% of which have been in one-on-one contexts
  • Experience with both toad and jaguar
  • Cross-cultural/intersectional experience: I’ve brought my practice to 15+ countries 
  • 1/3 of clients are BIPOC since 2020
  • Gender ratio: 50:50

As a peer-reviewed educator

  • Public speaking engagements in 5 countries (pre-pandemic)
  • Multiple panels, keynotes, and podcasts
  • Convening multiple in-person practitioner gatherings since 2018
  • Online guidance and co-learning platform (with multiple modules) ran in 2021

1-1 Guidance Enrollment

What to expect

CUSTOMIZATION: one-on-one video calls with Chad INTROSPECTION and REFINEMENT: guidance on core elements of your practice
CONNECTION: access to a global collective with practitioner-led monthly group calls and drug interaction summits
ABSORPTION: shadow Chad’s practice in your area COLLECTIVE SUPER VISION: group shadowing in a retreat/workshop-style gathering
DIRECT SUPERVISION: have Chad supervise your private practice

What is required

EQUANIMITY: a balance of humility and dignity COMMITMENT: your trust and will put into action
HEART: that is open
STABILITY: an excellent internet connection
YES!: your enthusiastic affirmation