give back initiative

F.I.V.E. is made possible by the community for the community and we care deeply about reciprocity and social equity.

The Chosen Give Back Initiative

The Psychedelic Black Equity Fund

The Black Psychedelic Equity Fund was created to bridge the gap.

The Sonoran Desert Project

The Sonoran Desert Project was created to provide clean drinking water to Mexican communities.

would you like your community project considered?

contact F.I.V.E.

If you have a community project that could benefit from contributions by the F.I.V.E. Give Back Program, please feel free to Contact Us with some information about your community project, mission, and company registration status, and we would be happy to consider you during each annual contribution review.
Are you a community organization that is not a registered charitable organization in the United States and would like to be considered for the Give Back Program? We include you. We understand becoming a registered 501(c)(3) in the US may be out of your reach, or your organization may be international. We can still consider your community project, however, you do need to be a registered company even if you aren’t a non-profit organization.