5-MeO-DMT Information & Vital Education

5-MeO-DMT Information & Vital Education

Meet the f.i.v.e. contributors


Cultivating a centralized hub for 5-MeO-DMT was made possible by our many contributors. As this molecule does not belong to any one spiritual lineage or tradition, it is our responsibility as a community to work together to uphold the integrity, safety, and ethics around this medicine. F.I.V.E. gives thanks to the many individuals who have gathered together to share the wisdom of this powerful molecule.

Victoria Wueschner

President & Founder F.I.V.E.
Medicine Facilitator & Educator
5-MeO-DMT Integration Specialist

Joel Brierre

C.E.O & Cofounder Kaivalya Kollectiv & Tandava Retreats
C.E.O of F.I.V.E.

Rak Razam

C.E.O of Bridging Heavens Retreats
Experiential Journalist & Author
Documentarian & Speaker

Merrill Ward

Exec. Dir & Minister at
Awakening Divinity Ministries
Entheogenic Educator & Advisor

Florencia Bollini

Founder & C.E.O of Nana
Medicine Woman
Strategist & Entrepreneur

Hamilton Morris

Scientific Researcher & Journalist
Creator and Director of
Hamilton's Pharmacopeia

Dr. Joseph Barsuglia

Clinical & Research Psychologist
Psychedelic Medicine Advisor
Alternative Healthcare Advisor

Chad Charles

Medicine Facilitator
Breath work Practitioner
5-MeO-DMT Educator & Speaker

Dr. Lynn Marie Morski

Psychedelic Medicine Association
Psychedelic Medicine Podcast
Medical Director at Nue Life

Dr. Martin Ball

Doctor of Philosophy
Nondual Entheogenic Educator Author, Speaker, Podcaster

Dr. Erica Zelfand

Naturopathic Physician
Psychedelic Facilitator
International Speaker

Dr. Jeff Tarrant

NeuroMeditation Institute
Neuro-Therapist & Psychologist
Educator & Speaker

Shiri Godasi

Founder of The Psyched Soul Pioneering Integration Teacher Creative Educational Director

Ben Malcolm

Psychopharmacology Consultant
Psychedelic Educator
The Spirit Pharmacist

Dr. Julia Mirer

Director of Strategy- Nushama
Psychedelic Clinical Trial Facilitator
Chief Education Officer

Dr. Bianca Sebben

P.H.D Psychologist
Doctor of Philosophy
Conscious Insights

Alberto Yarleke​

Medicine Facilitator
Integration Specialist
Transpersonal Psychologist

Kyle Buller

Cofounder at Psychedelics Today Therapist & Breathwork Facilitator Director of Clinical Education​

Tricia Eastman

Founder at Psychedelic Journeys
Medicine Woman & Facilitator
Author & Speaker

Govind Das

Bhakti Yogi
Yoga Teacher
Bhakti Yoga Shala

Anthony Sosa

Transpersonal Psychotherapist
Neurosculpting Facilitator

Mario Garnier

WBAC Event Founder
Educator & Speaker

Quilley Powers

Medicine Facilitator
Integration Specialist
End Of Life Doula

Greg Lawrence

Psychedelic Integration Specialist
Transformational Coach
Speaker & Educator

Colette Condorcita

Founder at Condor Medicine Medicine Facilitator
Psychedelic Integration Specialist

Sitaram Das

Founder of Tam Integration
Psychedelic Integration Coach
Integration Educator

Dr. Holly Richmond

Somatic Psychotherapist
Marriage Family Therapist
Certified Sex Therapist

Charlotte James

Co-Creator of Ancestor Project
Sacred Earth Medicine Practitioner
Decolonization Educator

Sandra Gancz

WBAC Event Organizer
Impact Strategist
Web Content Developer

Filip Zaruba

Co-founder of Asaya
Director- The Underground Secret
Cinematographer & Artist

Shanda Catrice

Psychedelic Wellness Guide
Psychedelic Integration Specialist
Meditation Teacher

Otto Maier

Psychedelic Integration Specialist
Medicine Facilitator
Breathwork Guide

David Carpenter

Writer at Forbes, Lucid News, Benzinga & Author of Your Neighbors Are Doing Psychedelics

Susan Guner

Holistic Psychotherapist
Psychedelic Conversations Host
RESET Micro-dosing Integration

Josh White

Founder of Fireside Project
Executive Director- Fireside Project
Harm Reduction Advocate

Dean Jefferys

Film Maker & Documentarian
Environmental Activist
Medicine Educator


Grief Counselor/ Integration Coach
Conscious Breathing Meditation
Compassion Cultivation Trainer

Melanie Waterfall

Psychedelic Preparation Specialist
Medicine Facilitator/ Death Doula
Psychedelic Integration Coach

Lorna Liana

CEO Entheonation
Founder Plant Spirit School
Plant Medicine Educator

Hope Latimer

5-MeO-DMT Educator
Integration Specialist
Death Doula

Dr. Sandra Dreisbach

P.H.D in Philosophy
Psychedelic Ethics

Bill Gallagher

Trauma Specialist & Educator
Master Clinician- Physical Therapist
Psychedelic Integration Specialist

Jennifer Beaman

Psychedelic Integration Coach
Certified Hypnotherapist
Compassionate Inquiry Practitioner

Erin Doumert

Psychedelic Integration Coach
Somatic Practitioner
Temple Body Artist

K'hiel Anker

Medicine Facilitator/ Coach
Men's Work & Retreat Facilitator
Spiritual Emergency/ Shadow Work

Beth Weinstein

Spiritual & Psychedelic Business Coach, Host of The Psychedelic Entrepreneur Podcast

Chris Rodman

Medicine Facilitator
Psychedelic Integration Coach

Marianna Berdejo

Medicine Facilitator
Psilocybin & Kambo Facilitator
Integration Specialist

Sara Snedeker

Creative Psychedelic Integration Specialist Internal Family Systems Hakomi Certified Death Doula

Heather Hogan

Psychedelic Integration Counselor
B.S Psychology & Neuroscience
Holistic Life Coach

Fabian Rodriguez

Earth Medicine Practitioner
Musician, Artist

Shane Kennedy

Medicine Facilitator
Psilocybin & Kambo Facilitator
Integration Specialist

Valeria Salas Carrillo

Medicine Facilitator
Psychosomatic Therapist
Entheogenic Researcher

Brittany Sirtonski

Registered Psychotherapist
Psychedelic Integration Therapist
Expressive Arts Practitioner

Ian Benouis

Medicine Facilitator
Entheogenic Attorney
Combat Veteran

David Gallegos

Integration Specialist

Dr. Samuel Douglas

President- Australian Psychedelic Society, Philosopher of Language
& Education, Psychedelic Writer

Paul Dobson

The Non-Duality Podcast

Eugene Alliende

Transpersonal Psychotherapist
Integration Specialist
Meditation Teacher

Jamie Evans

Hospitality Educator
International Brand Ambassador

Elliot Goit

Web Developer
Backend Management & Security
Data Analyst

Melanie Kay

Psychedelic Integration Specialist
Certified Hakomi Practitioner
Somatic Trauma Therapist

Matthew Hicks

Naturopathic Physician
Integrative Psychiatry Podcast
Facilitator of Psychedelic Therapy

Sara S

Psychedelic Integration Specialist
Internal Family Systems
Hakomi & Death Doula

Ken Nelson (RIP)

5-MeO-DMT Pioneer
Bufo Alvarius Pamphlet Author

Ralph Metzner (RIP)

Author of The Toad & The Jaguar

James Oroc (RIP)

Author of Tryptamine Palace

Gaurav Dubey (RIP)

Microdose Writer
Psychedelic Journalist