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Truth of Being

Eugene Alliende

You are eternal Consciousness, infinite Awareness, boundless Being. How do I know this? In fact, it is the only thing I truly know, without a shadow of a doubt. That I Am, I exist, I am aware in this very moment is the only certainty I have of my existence. The only absolute Truth anyone of us can ever know is the Truth of Being; that which gives life, and this moment, any meaning. 

What is perhaps most abundantly clear in our current post-truth world built on memes is that all truths, other then this basic awareness of Being, are relative to perspective. Whatever people hold to be true is governed by the culture they grow up in, the life experiences they have, and the websites they choose to visit. Each human brain constructs it’s relative truths dependent on the environments in which it imprints information. A brain developing in a Christian capitalist culture will imprint a whole different set of truths than will a brain growing up in a materialistic, communist culture for example. In fact, there are as many “truths” out there as there are brains; all reflecting the unique coordinates of a lived life through diversified neuronal structures.

What about the physical world? Aren’t there consistent patterns and laws out there in the cosmos that we can call truths? That depends on the instrument used to observe this so-called external universe. As it turns out, physical perception is also a relative phenomena, dependent on the organism and the sensory-perceptual system it uses to observe its universe. Bats live in very different worlds then snakes, ants, whales, or oak trees do. Each filtering out a select set of frequencies to uniquely construct an inner model of an external world. In fact it is becoming increasingly clear through advances in neuroscience and quantum physics that there is no “external” universe independent of the observer. What exists is a function of the co-creative dance between observer and what is observed.

So if all cognitive and perceptual phenomena is ultimately relative to observer, then what truth can we claim to be fundamental, absolute, and shared by all beings? Let us explore this question directly, right now as you read these words. Ask yourself, what is the only quality in your current experience that is ever-present, changeless, consistent and self-evident. The familiar sense of “I Am” that was present when you were five, twenty, that will be present when you turn ninety. Who or what is that changeless, ever-present “I?” Notice, it doesn’t come from anywhere, it doesn’t go anywhere. There is nothing we have to do or think to make it happen. It is self-generating and self-reliant, requiring no proof, effort, description, or justification. 

It just Is.

The Changeless

In fact, the sense of Being Aware, the “I Am,” is the only element in our experience that does not change. Everything else in our experience changes. The world around us, in this supposedly solid and material universe, is in constant flux. Our bodies grow older day by day, emotions undulate like the tides of the ocean, our thoughts and conceptual understanding moves like an endless stream, and the perceptual world around us continually refreshes itself in new and surprising ways. Even our sense of identity, ego, or self-concept changes and fluxes according to maturing life experiences. Yet behind those evolving constructs there is just me, I, Self, Being. Behind the moving image of space-time there is just Awareness. In other words, Consciousness seems to be primary and fundamental, and the arising perceptual-material world a derivative of that Consciousness.


Now, as we turn toward this inherent Being, that which is conscious and aware in this very moment, certain qualities become abundantly clear. Again, no one can deny or argue these qualities away, as they are self-evident to the individual undergoing this probe. It may take a little practice to realize and uncover this fundamental Truth of Being at first, such as with formal meditation technique or intensive entheogenic work, but can eventually be realized and recognized as the very Presence that embodies our life in this and every other moment. Once a mind has recognized its essential nature in pure Consciousness, it never forgets the abiding qualities that exist at the core of our existence. The basic Presence of “I Am” begins to shine through the relative constructs of mind and body, to ultimately exert healing influences on the surrounding fields of experience. 

As you read these words, gently and subtly drop into that which is Present and Alive within you. You don’t even have to stop reading, as you may simply recognize that warm, sentient inner glow as the very essence of your current existence. It is the you, the “I Am” before the mind weaves an image of who it believes itself to be, or what it thinks is going on. When relieved of the mind made constructs, beliefs, associations, ideas, and identities, the inner “I” begins to return to its Source. The limitations set by mind give way to the underlying expanse that is pure Awareness, as the separate “I” sense dissolves into an ocean of pure Being. 

Mind is Awareness in motion, Awareness is mind at rest.

Formless Awareness

When the mind is still and at rest, Awareness is discovered to be formless, holding no patterns or objects to create distinctions. And if you are really honest with your direct, immediate experience, you may experimentally verified that it is Singular. Notice, at the core of your experience right now, there is only one of it. One moment, one you, one existential whole. Your experience is singularly yours. You assume others are having a similar inner subjective moment, but this is a mere assumption and supposition. All you truly know is that you are; all you could ever know is your own inner subjective moment. And since all other beings share this same fundamental formless Being at their core, then it is safe to deduce that it is the common Ground out of which all individuals draw their sustenance. We are all truly One Being in our deepest center.


Can you remember a time when you weren’t, when you did not exit? Of course not. All you know is right Now, and the Awareness of that Now. In fact, Awareness is synonymous with Now. There is no Now without Awareness; there is no Awareness without the Now. Mind is what superimposes the boundary of yesterday and tomorrow, memory of before and thought of later, on the vast formless Ground of the ever-present Now. In the Now there is no time, it is time-less, and therefore eternal. Not an eternity that just goes on endlessly in time, but radically outside the movement of time itself.  

Time is eternity in motion, eternity is time at rest. 

Deep Dreamless Sleep

If Being is the ultimate, fundamental Truth, what about the apparent non-being of deep dreamless sleep? Where is Being when one is deep asleep? Do we cease to exist in that dark Void between dreams where most minds go unconscious? In deep dreamless sleep, the brain enters the ultra subtle, super-still Delta brain wave frequency of only 0.5 to 3 Hz (cycles per second). The body-mind enters its deepest healing state, as the parasympathetic nervous system of rest and repair is activated due to the minute amounts of energy used for mental activity.

In deep dreamless sleep there is no thought, no dream, no content of any kind; just pure formless awareness. Of course most people forget this state as soon as they start REM dreaming (subtle Theta brain wave frequency of 3.5 to 8 Hz), or as soon as they awaken (gross Beta frequency of 13 to 40 Hz), leaving this supreme causal state of dreamless freedom in the “unconscious.” Since there is no mind to record the event, no memories exit of that dreamless darkness. No mind, no memory; no memory, no time. However, the advanced practitioners of meditation, who can achieve the Delta frequency of nirvakalpa samadhi on demand, report that they can remain aware during deep dreamless sleep due to the cultivation of constant witnessing.

When the natural shutdown of the mind-body occurs at night, the well trained Witness is able to remain aware of itself while the rest of the brain-body sleeps. Awareness merges with the silent totality of the Void-Light that unfolds when all the grosser bodies are at rest. The naked substrate at the heart of creation is revealed every night, exposed in its splendor, unconditioned and free, as the very Witness of all other states (dreaming, waking, visionary). In other words, the Witnessing Awareness of all other levels is revealed in its pure, raw form, and, if well developed, can maintain its self-knowing through the deep darkness of the dreamless night. The formless spaciousness of the Witness becomes temporarily free of time, space, and form, and rests in its own radiance. 

Near Death Experience and the White Light

So far we have demonstrated that ever-present Being is the only absolute Truth any of us can ever claim. It is who and what we are in our deepest Self. We also discussed how even in deep dreamless sleep radiant Being remains, although only experienced after years of deep meditation practice. The final frontier would of course be physical death. Does Being remain even after our body-mind has disintegrated into dust?

One clue rests in the simple fact of this formless Awareness. If there are no distinctions, if time does not touch it, if no self-referencing identity can sustain its existence in the radiance of pure Being, then what or who dies? Could it be that even though the brain, nervous system, and  identity associated with said brain perish, ever-present Being remains? Clearly Being manifests itself in endless, multiplistic forms, coming and going in endless cycles of birth and death. But Being itself remains the same, changeless, ever-present, eternal.

Aside from our direct personal evidence of the timeless present, there is now a massive data base of recorded near-death experiences (NDE) that point to the reality of consciousness surviving physical death. Even when the body and brain of the patients had shut down, the indwelling awareness experienced ongoing existence. Perhaps the most common element in the NDE is the bright White Light, often times interpreted through the cultural filters of the individual.

It is the Tibetan Buddhist, the most advanced technicians of the after death states they call brados, who reveal that the white light is actually the Nature of Mind. Called the Clear Light of Consciousness, the Ground Luminosity of Being, Tibetans see it as the Source of all existence. This, they tell us, is who we really are.

Peace Freedom Love

So, if that deep sense of Being is the only absolute Truth anyone can ever ultimately know, shinning in the heart of every and all beings, how does its realization help us in everyday life? All world wisdom traditions describe how a personal relationship with this underlying transpersonal Awareness is what is required to live a liberated life. Ego looses its foot hold on reality, as fear evaporates in the brilliant Reality of the present moment. Being shines through the artificial constructs, revealing a deeply held secret: I Am is eternal, I Am is ageless, I Am is deathless. The mere glimpse of this vast underlying Reality infuses the individual with an unshakable peace; a peace unmoved by the restless dramas of the furious sensory world.

The full recognition of Being liberates the contracted mind, allowing that which is Aware to expand beyond the limits of conception. True freedom unfolds as the mind looses its ability to separate, judge, and define. The endless motion finally comes to rest, as the individual self begins to remember who it was before it decided to play out its role on Earth. A secret joy wells up in the heart, as we come home to the place where we are all One.

In that final recognition of our deepest Truth, what remains is nothing less than Love. Love is discovered to be the source, the path, and the goal, as we allow its magic to effortlessly touch all that surrounds us. It is this deep indwelling Love that quietly invites others to remember. 

And in that remembrance, the world is birthed one more time.      

Personal Piece

Living Non-Duality: You Are the Medicine

Eugene Alliende

So you have seen the Light, melted into the ocean of pure Consciousness, become one with God, rested in Nirvakalpa Samadhi. Now what? How do you live in the world when you have realized that you are not of the world? The final stage of Yoga, Sahaj Samadhi, addresses this conundrum. 

Many renunciate traditions of the world describe this final mystical union achieved in deep states of absorption to be the end of the path, the summit of personal evolution, where the individual transcends the samsaric wheels of birth and death to blissfully merge into the timeless One behind space-time. The yogi in a cave, the monk in the monastery, the ascetic in the jungle are all images of beings who have left the trials and tribulations of mundane life behind to seek personal liberation from the endless ocean of suffering. As attractive as this image may seem, especially as we all face an accelerating global collapse, the deeper call is one of collective awakening, deeply rooted in the manifest world, as it is.

Many of us who have seen the Light, whether through devoted spiritual practice, a psychedelic encounter, a near death experience (NDE), or just graced by a spontaneous mystical revelation, are faced with the daunting project of integrating what was once protected in the renunciate setting. We inevitably have to come back to our lives, our communities, our livelihoods, our relationships, but now we are different. The very structure of our personality has been utterly transformed by a direct encounter with this transcendent Reality. Who we once thought we were begins to resonate with a deeper Mystery that renders the personality construct transparent and illusory. The mirror of the mind is finally polished so that when we look out into the world, we begin to see none other than our Self. In other words, the final duality to be transcended is the me vs. the world, for the deepest realization reveals that there is no other, only the Self.

From this non-dual stance, the yogi tucked away in her private nirvakalpa samadhi is still stuck in duality, pushing away the world of the senses and grasping for the formless states of transcendence. This subtle duality is the final confrontation of the awakening soul, as the next stage becomes the selfless service that the liberated being offers to the larger Body of the collective. According to Mahayana Buddhist its the “Great Vehicle,” where the hero comes back from their personal liberation to help the rest of the world awaken. Salvation is viewed not as an individual pursuit, but as a collective process. Since it is all part of Us, the bodhisattva, or awakened One, knows that we are all in this together, so that if one of us is still suffering then we are all still suffering. We either all liberate, or none of us does, since in our deepest core we are all part of a Single Consciousness that only manifests as fractal, individualized expressions in space-time for the dance.  

The difference, however, is that the bodhisattva has seen beyond the world of form, and knows that in that timeless Source Consciousness there is no time, therefore we are already saved, enlightened, and liberated! Awareness itself is the liberation. Pure Awareness is already whole, complete onto it-Self, the only thing in our experience that does not change. As it turns out, Pure Consciousness is the medicine! In that formless, innermost place within all beings nothing happens; it is pure stillness, ever-present Now, timeless Being. 

After we have established contact with that deepest Identity where we are already free, we then return to space-time to do our thing, but this time from a space of awe, curiosity, wisdom, and compassion. In other words, you become a free evolutionary agent, deeply embodied in the game of life, but with a secret resonance that continually reminds you of who you truly are; the eternal One behind all of creation.

Patanjali called this final level of realization sahaj samadhi. One of the limits of the high causal state of nirvakalpa samadhi is that  it can be enjoyed only while the individual remains still, absorbed in deep meditation. The final step in Raja Yoga is to extend the deep stillness of samadhi into all other realms of the individual’s life (waking, dreaming, and deep sleep). If one is able to abide in this deep inner stillness throughout life’s everyday challenges, and remain conscious at every level of Being, then one is called a jivan-mukti, a liberated wo/man (bodhisattva). In this enlightened state of Being, the Supreme formless Void is integrated into the lower matrices of creation as a constant Witnessing. The Witness itself being one with that pure formless Awareness at the core of all experience. This is true Wholeness.

Enlightenment literally means “light emanating from within,” and this Light is none other than ever-present Awareness. In sahaj samadhi, meditation is a self-sustained, spontaneous fact of the individual’s existence. Life becomes the meditation, as the practice becomes one of subtly identifying with the quiet Presence that is Aware behind that which is observed. Whether perceptual, sensual, emotional, mental, social, or spiritual, the non-dual practice is to see all phenomena as the play of Consciousness. 

Remember, pure Consciousness is not some far out, unattainable mystical concept. It is the very Essence of who and what you are, in this very moment. That which is Aware, that which Knows, that which is having an experience right now is pure Awareness, the Witness or Observer behind all of the impermanent waves that are arising moment to moment. Normally, for most people, this Awareness identifies with that which arises and is “unconscious” of its self-being and self-knowing. It identifies with the body, which is an object that Awareness is Aware of. If you really notice, what we call “our body” is but a series of sensory-perceptual signals arising in a field of Awareness, the subjective Witness that is conscious of those sensations. 

Awareness also identifies with the habitual thoughts of the brain, which through association, memory, and self-referencing creates a conceptual sense of self; the ego personality most humans believe themselves to be. Pure limitless Awareness condenses from its boundless, infinite nature into the limitations of the body-mind, therefore forgetting its essential nature. The spiritual journey is the progressive awakening of this Awareness, as it sheds lawyers of conditioned self-identity to reveal its true and original luminous nature. 

The simple recognition that the deepest I Am is inherently fulfilled, whole, and free is all that is required to remain rooted in the Mystery. But as simple and obvious as this realization seems, the paradox is that to get to it requires practice and a certain devotion to self-knowing.         Most humans go through life without ever realizing who or what they ultimately are. They live asleep to their true nature, conditioned and programmed by outside forces that often time distract attention away from the richness of an inner life. It often takes a drastic life event to shake a person up from their slumber, such as a loss, almost dying, or a pinch of psychedelic, revealing that life is a much deeper miracle than the mundane nine to five prime-time 3D reality would have us believe. The ultimate revelation is that freedom and peace is the very substance that we are made of, and by simply reorienting toward it, as a practice, we can initiate the flowering towards a liberated life.  

This recognition can be had in an instant if accurately pointed out. Let us take this moment and explore this question directly, within the lab of our own intimate subjective knowing. As we turn our gaze in on itself, becoming Aware of Awareness it-Self,  a number of obvious truths become apparent regarding the nature of that which is looking: 

            1. Awareness itself has no form; it is fundamentally formless. It is aware of shifting forms, the world for example, or a dream, but in itself is formless.

2. Awareness has no space, it is spaceless, dimensionless, without boundaries, therefore limitless. Limits only arise as a function of the activity of the individual mind. When the individual mind learns to quiet and listen, the infinite nature of the underlying Awareness is experienced.

3. If you really notice, it will be self-evident and obvious that you are always “here;” awareness is always in the “here.” “Over there” is a thought, a projection, for all awareness ever knows is “here.” Your  experience is always in your own personal “here.” You don’t really know anyone else’s “here,” a categorical impossibility.  

4. Awareness is always in the now. The mind can remember a past or fantasize and plan for a future, but the Awareness Witnessing those constructs exists only in the now. If we look closely we may notice that this now is ever-present. In fact it is eternal. Do you remember a time when you did not exist? Of course not, you can’t remember non-existence; you can only know now, existence in this moment. Now is all there is.

5. And finally, if we are really honest with the knowing in our deepest experience, we may notice that there is just ONE of it! Your experience is singular. You assume others are having a subjective conscious experience of being, just as you are, but you don’t really know that. All you truly know is your own experience, the only thing you will ever know. 

To recap, what we can observe when we quiet our individual mind is an underlying Witnessing Awareness, which appears as a vast, unified Field in which the world of form arises, and into which it returns. It is dimensionless; there is no distance or size, just a “here;” time stands still as an eternal now; and no limitations can be discerned. This, is the Singularity. It is the only Singularity we could ever know. And you are it! Not the you that you identify with on a regular daily basis, but that which feels itself to be you in your deepest inner core, before your mind forms an image of who it thinks it is.

And so, after we have recognized our true nature as pristine and free, we return to “the market place” with helping hands. Rooted in the knowing that there is no death, that the deepest Awareness is eternal as evidenced by it’s changeless ever-present Reality, we return to the suffering masses to assist and midwife the birth of this evolving Consciousness. We become part of a larger collective movement of awakening that we influence through our individualized connection to that indwelling Source. This can manifest in a variety of actions and behaviors, but ultimately it is the quality of being that emanates from the awakened heart that gently calls others to remember.

When one awakens from the clutches of time, one relaxes into the play of life, bringing joy and creativity as a contribution to the evolutionary journey itself. In the non-dual stance, one embraces all that presents itself without resistance, while simultaneously being grounded in the Clear Light of ones own Witnessing Awareness. This Awareness is synonymous with unconditional Love, which when turned toward the apparent world helps heal and transform its changing forms. 

Buddha’s “Form is none other Emptiness, Emptiness is none other than Form” becomes a blazing reality as we walk through a world on the cusp of radical transformation. When we know that deep eternal Presence within, we open our hearts without fear or hesitation to whatever life puts in front of us, as we feel life rise within us. All that arises exists within Awareness, and the final recognition is that it is not two, but one spontaneous movement of the One. In that recognition, we fall in Love all over again. 

Personal Piece

Bridging Heaven: The Art and Science of Psychedelic Yoga

Eugene Alliende

The 21st century is witnessing a profound synthesis of spiritual technologies. Entheogenic medicines are being integrated into spiritual practices in order to accelerate the transformation of individual and collective Consciousness; before it’s too late. What was once relegated to committed mystics, sitting in ascetic isolation for years on end in ancient mountain caves, is now available to those brave souls ready to take the plunge. As I write, a so-called psychedelic renaissance is sweeping through the social web of culture, making available the inner realms of mind and consciousness to the average human with enough interest to take the dose.

Psychedelics, hallucinogens, or entheogen, also ancient technologies used by our indigenous ancestors to probe the depths of mind, are now becoming widely available to those seeking healing and spiritual insight. Science and the healing arts are rediscovering ancient molecules with the astonishing capacity to unlock mundane ego consciousness, revealing ever-deepening landscapes that lead to non-other then Source Consciousness; the Unitive Field behind all of creation.

Even though there is a spectrum of deepening consciousness available to the wandering soul, which we will briefly outline here, the potential these substances hold is nothing less than the complete non-dual illumination and enlightenment known to the sages, masters, and mystics of the ages. This highly sought after state, and ultimately permanent abiding trait, is one enshrined by all world wisdom traditions. The goal of all spiritual practices, representing the summit of human evolution, can now be attained by anyone wishing to undertake the journey. 

This is not an easy journey, however. In fact, to reach the illumined state one must die to one’s previous models of who they think they are, and this requires, I believe, training and preparation. In other words, if you want to reach the summit, and learn to live from those heights, I believe serious training and preparation to be of paramount importance. No one would ever dream of climbing Mount Everest without training, preparation, and knowing mountain climbing technique. 

Even though there are many reasons to take psychedelics, we will focus on the mystical potential that is available when integrated with spiritual technique. Many take these substances and await their effects, open to whatever the experience may bring. This has untold therapeutic value, as the substance dislodges traumatic residues to be acknowledged and worked with for the ultimate purpose of healing. Others who venture deeper yet may encounter visionary vitas, with undulating entities telepathically communicating deep secrets of the cosmos. And if you are lucky, in rare cases you may strike the jack pot and merge with the Luminous One behind all form.

  It is common for facilitators, particularly in the Toad community using the ultra-powerful tryptamine known as 5-MeO-DMT, to state that there is nothing that can prepare one for this encounter. I disagree. I propose that the mystical experience, classically defined as a personal merging with the unified totality of all existence, is one that is reliably accessible to those with enough patience to train and prepare.

As a practicing transpersonal psychotherapist, I am well aware of the various states and dimensions of consciousness available to the human experience. However, once a person has integrated the first four dimensions of being, namely the physical, emotional, mental, and social, that person is then ready to explore the deeper domains that begin to feather out into what are called transpersonal (beyond the personal) realms. If these first four dimensions are not well integrated, such as seen in poor physical health, emotional disturbances, mental problems, or social issues, a psychedelic session will amplify said ailments. Again, as therapeutically valuable as this may be, our focus is on those higher dimensions that promise nothing less than deliverance from ignorance and suffering.

To reiterate, the psychedelic molecules will open up the higher domains of consciousness for almost anyone, but this is unpredictable for most and has a feeling of rolling the dice. With some luck, and with a more or less integrated personality, a person ingesting may experience any number of deep states of being. The first may be a sense of psycho-somatic integration and wellness, where one feels connected and whole within ones sensual body-mind. This state can be reliably accessed with cannabis, MDMA, or lower doses of most psychedelics. 

As attention is directed inwardly, the next dimension which we will call the psychic plane is encountered. Here one has the potential to explore their biographical story, deep programming of mind, and the labyrinthian structures of the unconscious that comprise the personal self. LSD unveils this dimension with most lucidity and luminosity, but most other psychedelics pass through this domain as well.

As the inward journeyer moves through and beyond the psychic plane, an inner realm of transpersonal information begins to open up. This dimension is traditionally called the subtle plane, and houses frequencies that are visionary, other-worldly, and archetypal. Reliably accessed by the Earth medicines, such psilocybin mushrooms, DMT containing ayahuasca, and mescaline infused cacti, it is the spirit realm of the shamans accessed for healing and divination. What one experiences, we are told, is what one needs to experience, to learn about one’s self, life, and the nature of reality.

In a final flip (again if no preparation is had, this experience is relegated to luck, grace, or good karma), ones individuality merges and dissolves into a vast ocean of pure Consciousness, becoming one with the the Source of all creation. This eternal, infinite, formless state, called the Nature of Mind by Buddhist or Nirvakalpa Samadhi by yogis, is known as the causal plane by  the perennial wisdom traditions, and is the crowning achievement of years of dedicated spiritual practice. This experience can be reliably had (again when integrated with technique and practice) by one deep toke of 5 MeO-DMT.  

And finally, to complete the journey, past the causal plane is the return to Earth. A full heroes journey that brings one back to all the lower dimensions for the full integration of the embodied non-dual sage. Non-duality, the final goal as an ever-present reality, is the return to the Earthly planes with a deep gnosis; an unshakable knowledge of who we really are and what this world-life is all about. Recreation, fun, therapy, healing, creativity, and visionary exploration are all worthy reasons to open your mind with psychedelics; but for those that want to uncover their true Nature, merge with the One in the causal plane, and achieve total illumination, what follows is a systematic training that will allow any navigator using entheogen to hit the jack pot, on demand.  


We do not need to reinvent the wheel. Historically, there are a plethora of mind-body practices that were developed to refine, purify, open, and prepare the body and mind for expanded states of consciousness. In my view, the most sophisticated and integral of these practices is the eight-limbed system of Raja Yoga, the “royal” road as outlined in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. This system is designed for self-mastery, and as such prepares the individual for the Ultimate Self-realization. Before we explore these eight-limbs, as preparatory practices  for deep entheogenic dives, there is one pre-step that I feel is helpful in our journey towards awakening.



Before diving into the deep waters of Being, ones personal being should be in good standing order. Although psychedelic medicines may help in this endeavor, the process of working through ones past, traumas, maladaptive patterns, and addictive behaviors should be in more or  less advanced stages of integration. One does not need to be perfect, but should have a good working relationship with his or her shadow side, issues, and blockages. Ideally, most psychological work should be out of the way in order to reliably access the Illumined Mind beyond space-time. Again, this is not essential, but more often then not the blockages and issues will surface once one’s ego is deactivated and dissolved. If the goal is transcendence and a return to the Ground of Being, all mental noise should be brought to a minimum.


Yama, the first limb in Patanjali’s Raja Yoga system, is the most basic and foundational attitude that an explorer should have in order to optimize and maximize their experience. Yama (restraint) is basically a dictate on the ethical and moral principles that underlie the spiritual life. These principle include non-stealing, nonviolence, non-injury, truthfulness, sharing, loving-kindness, non-killing, and for the monk chastity, and non-receiving of gifts. Yama underlies the basic understanding of our oneness, our interconnections that establish “do unto others as you would like done to you” as a deeply felt reality. All world religions have a version of such commandments, and it is the cultivation of a loving heart and compassionate life that creates the psychological environment, the set in psychedelic parlance, that will facilitate expansive states of deep Love. If any of the above “restraints” are not observed, they are bound to arise and block the awakening mind with more “karmic” residues to deal with. 


The second limb is called niyama (observances/ discipline) and consists of the cleansing and purifying practices that prepare the vessel for augmented states of consciousness. Cleanliness of body, purity of mind, contentment, simplicity, study of spiritual wisdom, and devotion (called Bhakti yoga) are all part of this limb. These practices cleanse, purify, heal, and refine the organic vessel in preparation for optimal flight into deeper, more expansive dimensions of being. This ofcourse includes a balanced, light, healthy, plant-based diet, with fasting and a flushing out of the system the day of the sacred journey with the sacrament. Without a pure, clear, and refined vessel, the released energies run the risk of being blocked, thus manifesting in a variety of potentially negative and harmful ways. The setting, meaning the environment in which the journey is conducted, should also be clean, inspiring, safe, and conducive to the full letting go required to transcend our space-time matrix.


Perhaps the most familiar limb in our mainstream culture’s understanding of yoga, asanas are the postures and stretches that unlock, release, and open the body and its many sub-systems. Also known as Hatha Yoga, this limb brings awareness to the body, using breath to guide the flow of energy, or prana, thereby opening channels and releasing stagnant energies. A full session will induce a heightened state of psycho-somatic wellness, akin but allegedly superior to the MDMA or cannabis high. Patanjali stated that you practice asanas only as a means to cool out the body so that the aspirant may sit in meditation and samadhi for extended periods of time. Asanas dislodge and unblock energies allowing the liberation of panic energy in the body.


This fourth limb works exclusively with the movement of prana via breath control. Once the energy has been liberated through the asanas, pranayama is used to consciously direct, control, focus, and manage said energies. Breath is central to the successful navigation of psychedelic space. It will allow one to move through the space by either slowing and calming one down, or by providing the power to move through various planes when energies begin to get stuck. Again, an essential technology for navigating the deep waters of Mind.

These first four limbs are preparation for the next four, which collectively comprise deep Meditation practice. For Patanjali, meditation was not a mere stress reduction aide, but the actual path toward God-Realization in Samadhi. This state was granted to the deeply committed aspirant, historically leaving the consensus life of samsara to devote a life-time of meditation in order to get the sought after glimpse. By integrating entheogens, this glimpse can now be had “on the natch.” 



       So far, we have explored the preliminary practices that were developed in ancient India to prepare the body-mind vessel to receive the powerful energies of Cosmic Consciousness. Patanjali was clear however; the first four limbs are designed to cultivate a vibrant, refined, and purified nervous system that can withstand the long hours of meditative absorption that the last four limbs facilitate. The practice of meditation is the vehicle to enlightenment in the yogic tradition, systematically and carefully crafted to tune the mind toward the deep spaciousness behind thought; bringing ego to a zero-point of stillness and releasing  Awareness from its illusory identity to the mind-stuff posturing as a personal self. 

This journey is long and arduous however, as the “drunken monkey mind” of the average human is wildly undisciplined, pulled and pushed by the sensual desires of the external world. As anyone who has attempted meditation will reveal, the task of quieting the endless stream of thoughts is in fact, a work of a life-time. The prospect of slowing down the thoughts long enough to get a brief glimpse of the Light behind form is, well, almost unattainable unless the life is fully devoted to such practices.

Enter the entheogenic molecules. It is clear from the Rig Vedas that Yoga’s origins are intertwined with such sacraments, known as Soma and worshipped as the elixir of eternal life itself. Many scholars believe that most yogic techniques were in fact developed by stoned yogis, deeply connecting with their body and spirit while flying high on soma and its visionary revelations.

We now know through modern and ancient research that entheogens, those substance that “unveil the Divine within,” have the profound capacity to shut down the neural complex now known as the Default Mode Network and the ego filtering that it overlays on reality. In so doing, the larger brain may enter hyper-connective states of coherence where consciousness expands in its capacities and neurogenesis is stimulated. In other words, these psychedelic molecules are demonstrating a profound ability to stimulate new neural growth and connectivity. They allow the brain to reformat and rewire, as old imprints and repetitive conditioning are temporarily suspended. When you capitalize on this potential through the application of meditation practice, the meta-programming potential increases exponentially.

Dr. Timothy Leary called it serial re-imprinting, and Dr. John Lilly Meta-programing, pointing to the possibility of harnessing the neuroplastic nature of the evolving brain. Neuraplasticity is a term that illustrates the fact that the brain is always moving, changing, adjusting, growing branches, making connections, and creating novel pathways. The brain in effect is a fluid, dynamic, “plastic” ever-branching structure finely sensitized to inner and outer stimuli. By systematically applying the entheogenically enhanced last four limbs of Raja Yoga, we can use this neuroplasticity of the brain consciously to direct, reprogram, rewire, and heal the brain. 

A more recent researcher, British psychiatrist Dr. Jeffrey Shwartz, has been studying the brain’s capacity to heal and rewire itself via mindfulness meditation. He calls this process self-directed neuroplasticity, showing through advanced fMRI brain imaging technology the structural brain changes achieved by his OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder) patients after only a six month application of the technique. By comparing before and after pictures of his patient’s brains, he found that the consistent training, centering, and observing of previously unconscious OCD patterns allowed his patients to develop new neural pathways that facilitated an open state of witnessing. Through this practice their symptoms decreased, as their brains grew new neural capacities allowing a more conscious relationship to what was arising. A strengthening of the pre-frontal cortex’s ability to consciously self-regulate limbic patterns, pathologically stuck in his OCD patients, by increasing awareness of what normally runs unconsciously was clearly observed in the structural imaging. By using the mindfulness techniques, the subjective minds of patients were literally able to reshape and rewire objective brain structures that were once dysfunctional and maladaptive. 

What follows are the last  four limbs in Patanjali’s Raja Yoga system, which are the systematic steps that allow entrance into deep meditative absorption. When applied while under the influence of a neurotonic and neurogenic substance that is known to increase neuroplasticity, the outcome is an accelerated growth and maturation of the personality.    Ofcourse Raja Yoga is a complete stand-alone system for self development and mastery, requiring nothing outside of itself in its promise to facilitate Self-realization. But psychedelic molecules, when applied consciously and with intention, create a sort of neural lubricant that facilitates the inner engineering of our own neural architecture. Not essential, but a welcome tool in our journey toward awakening. The neural pathways are laid so that mind returns to center effortlessly; in effect creating inner conditions that entrain the mind to rest in its own essential nature. You see, its not about the altered state, but about a deeper experiencing of what already is. We can use these substance to train our brains so that we may ultimately live from those higher perspective, for Consciousness is the medicine. In other words, the wholeness, healing, and Light turns out to be our own, ever-present Awareness.

What all our training finally brings us to is our own Presence, the only Ground of Being we could ever know. That deepest core of luminous Light is our deepest Self, free and at rest, complete onto itself. What ultimately follows from this path is a peaceful and mindful life, having trained the mind to stay open and centered. After the neural tracks are laid, living from that core of pure Presence become effortless. The paradox here is that you train your being diligently, to ultimately be able to just be fully Present with what is, in this moment. As simple as this sounds, most humans live tormented by a looping mind. Humanity is not well, hence the relevance and urgency of applying these ancient practices for personal and planetary healing in this most tumultuous age.  


The first four limbs are preparatory. With pratyahara (withdrawal) the mystic is ready for departure from the 3D world of matter-space-time. One sits in their preferred meditative posture, and begins to withdraw attention from the senses and gather the forces of the mind that have been liberated through asana, pranayama or entheogenic substance. Turning awareness inward, one consciously extricates oneself from the sensory realm of the senses and opens to an expanding inner world beyond form. A medicine that achieves this sensory withdrawal on demand is ketamine. By blocking the glutamate (excitatory neuromodulators) NMDA receptors of the sensorimotor channels, the expanding awareness is liberated from the sensory impressions of the body so that it may travel through the inner realms of Mind. The practice of this limb trains Awareness to consciously extricate and dis-attach it-Self from the sensory world of matter, thereby freeing up conscious energy, otherwise used to experience the external world, so that it may be directed inwardly. 


With Awareness now freed from worldly signals through pratyahara, it can now be directed and managed through the faculty of Will. In dharana (concentration) practice, the practitioner fixes the mind upon a single point, channeling the freed conscious energy to the desired object of concentration. By bringing the mind back over and over again to the chosen focal point, one develops a “spiritual muscle” that cultivates neural pathways that lead one back to center consistently. We concentrate, focus, and direct our conscious energy toward one point in order to quiet and still the thinking mind. This focal point for developing concentration can be anything, but the most potent has been found to be the center of the forehead, the “third eye” where the pineal gland lives, in conjunction with the breath. One lightly places attention on the forehead, breathing in and out from that single point. If a thought arises, one notices, lets go on the out breath, and then gently brings awareness back to that single point on the in breath. 


The seventh limb is called dhyana (meditation) and is defined as the continuous flow of attention, without break, on the object of meditation. At this point the meditator experiences one-pointed focus on the object of meditation, thereby stilling the body, senses, mind, and ego. Anchored in dharana through the continuous flow of one-pointed concentrated awareness, one then undergoes the final act of Will in dhyana: the complete relinquishing of attachment, identity, and imprinted habit of the lower dimensions of being. Through practice, the mind eventually flowers into an open, spacious, equanimous, mindful Witnessing capacity that can calmly observe all that arises without attachment or clinging. The impermanence of all phenomena is appreciated, and one trains to meet all that arises with ease and curiosity. These two pillars of meditation practice, concentration and mindfulness, are essential tools for the aspiring psychonaut. They provide the inner capacity to sit with what is, but with the steering capability to bring the mind back to the central oneness on demand. By continuously returning to the center, all conscious energy from thought, feeling, or sensation finally learns to merge and dissolve back to the one, bringing the thinking mind to a supra-still one-pointed singularity. When mind comes to rest, it returns to its original nature as pure Awareness.


Once the aspirant has learned to stabilize the mind through the previous limbs, the mind finally begins to flower into progressively deeper aspects of it-Self in the final limb, samadhi (absorption). At this stage the thinking mind and its egoic structures give way to a vast formless expanse behind all form that is pure Awareness, as the individual (soul-atman) merges and becomes one with Universal Source (God-Brahma). Ofcourse there are levels to samadhi, ever-deepening, merging, dissolving until there is no meditator or meditation, just pure Being. Space is transcended, time evaporates, and all that remains is One.

The first level of samadhi is called savikalpa samadhi, and features a merging of the individual with the Supreme principle, or the highest Archetypal Deity. Corresponding to the subtle plane of reality, the aspirant at this level of trance has access to visionary vistas, Platonic Archetypal patterns, deities, gods, goddesses, and a panoply of spiritual entities and forces that Intelligently guide our evolution. Again, this state can be accessed by the plant medicines reliably, but through the deepest stillness of the concentrated meditative mind one can learn to tune and resonate with those deep frequencies without entheogenic help. The spirit helpers and guides are all around us; we just need to learn how to find and tune into that channel in a systematic way.

The union or fusion of subject and object defines the deepest meditative state in Yoga, nirvakalpa samadhi. In nirvakalpa, individual identity completely dissolves into its underlying, formless, unmanifest substrate, pure Consciousness, where all duality is annihilated. Here there is no content, only satchitananda (Absolute Existence-Knowledge-Bliss), and the yogi’s mind is at its stillest. Again, here meditator and meditation cease, as there is complete, unmanifest absorption in an ocean of pure Consciousness. No thoughts, no bodily perceptions, no subtle currents. There is only One; a total transcendence of time, space, and matter.

Buddhist have mapped the subtleties of deepening samadhi in their formless jhanas. The meditator attains the formless jhanas by passing beyond all perception of form. To enter each successive jhana, the meditators substitutes progressively subtler objects of concentration, refining concentration and equanimity until nothing is left within the field of Awareness. The fifth jhana starts with space as the “object,” moving to a focus on pure consciousness in the sixth, and then emptiness in the seventh. When all content ceases one enters the eight and final formless jhana, called nirodh (equivalent to nirvakalpa) “sphere of neither perception nor nonperception,” approaching the ultimate limits of what we call perception and mind. Here there are no mental states, just a deep ocean of Being. And this is who, and what we are at our core. The naked revelation of this Truth is a blazing mystical experience beyond body-mind space-time; but this is still only half the journey, for “after the ecstasy, the laundry.”

Personal Piece

Physics of Consciousness: Unraveling the Mystery of Existence

Eugene Alliende

The complete system of knowledge that underlies all Yoga psychology, known as Samkhya philosophy, has understood the deep mysteries of existence for millennia. Only in the last couple of decades have our Western sciences began to catch up to the intimate knowledge once possessed by the seers and yogis of ancient India. The assimilation of these insights and discoveries hold nothing less then the key to revolutionizing our world.

Samkhya tells us that creation is the result of two forces or principles engaged in an endless co-creative dance. One of these principles is called prakriti, or unconscious noumenon, and is defined as the primordial energy substrate out of which all matter and energy in our material universe comes from and are modifications of. Prakrit is the “unconscious,” objective, outer material realm studied by our physical sciences. At its most fundamental level, physics calls prakriti zero-point energy or vacuum energy, and in agreement with the ancient yogis see it as the most fundamental force out of which space-time is derived. The vacuum is saturated by frothing fluctuations that are almost infinite in energy and density, physicists tell us, and are at the base of all universal forces, space, time, and matter. 

The other principle defined by Samkhya Yoga, and completely omitted by the equations of physics I might add, is called purusa. Purusa, or conscious noumenon, is defined as pure intelligence, consciousness, sentience, or the indwelling self within all forms. It is the inner subjective radiance of conscious awareness that is housed by the developing and evolving structures of prakriti. Purusa is the purely subjective seer, experiencer or knower, drishta, and prakriti the purely objective seen, experienced or known, drishya. 

In the more poetic Tantras, these two principles are personified as the God Shiva of pure Consciousness, and the Goddess Shakti of pure Energy. It is the dance and lovemaking of the two that gives birth to our sentient material universe. Both God and Goddess expressed throughout and within all forms of creation. Yin and Yang engaged in a never ending love affair, with the manifest cosmos as their most cherished offspring.

Incomplete Philosophies

In an attempt to understand this most mysterious existence, humans have constructed a series of explanatory artifacts that provide frameworks from which to understand our world. These philosophies have all fallen short, however, as they omit important truths in their attempt to provide maps for creation. 

Materialism believes only in the existence of prakriti, collapsing the entire cosmos into what integral philosopher Ken Wilber calls flatland. The entire interior dimension of subjectivity is conveniently dismissed due to the fact that it is not measurable by the empirical senses. If it can’t be measured then it must not be real the materialist tell us, as a world designed on this premise collapses due to the lack of inherent meaning. The data captured by the five sense is the only evidence of the materialist paradigm, reinforcing the ego’s need to get everything it can before its unavoidable nihilistic death. Consciousness is a mere epiphenomena of neuronal fireworks, soon to perish after its lucky moment in space and time.

Idealisms collapses the universe in the opposite direction as it sees purusa as the only reality of existence. A paradigm that sees the world as essentially made of mind-stuff fails to account for the predictable laws, patterns, and insights derived by the five senses. A world made of thoughts and dreams can still destroy the host body of that indwelling mind, effectively ending its current experience in space and time. There is clearly an “outer” dimension to our lives, seemingly unfolding under its own set of laws and parameters. Even though there is an intimate and profound relationship between observer and observed, the material universe appears to evolve independently of what we as individually think about it.

Panpsychism integrates purusa and prakriti, seeing all objective structures and forms as having interior subjective mindedness; from quarks, to rocks, to galactic clusters. This philosophical perspective views the world as possessing two distinct dimensions; an interior subjective sentience, and an exterior material manifestation. Even though it approaches the understanding of Samkhya Yoga, it remains a dualistic philosophy. By simply dividing the world into interior mind and exterior matter, no matter how far back in time it goes, the major philosophical questions remain unanswered. What then is the world made of, mind or matter? And ofcourse the “hard problem” of science remains untouched; namely, what is the relationship between this mind and brain, consciousness and matter?  


The most important point made in Samkhya philosophy, and which underlies all of Yoga psychology, is that both purusa and prakriti are aspects and manifestations of one fundamental reality: Brahma, one-without-a-second. Objective energy and subjective mind are both creative emanations of a single, transcendent Source that lies outside of the space-time matrix. Brahma is the eternal dimensionless point where Shiva and Shakti are merged in ecstatic, loving, orgasmic Unity as the Creator-Source of all that is. It is the transcendent Source where the intellectual distinctions of spirit/ matter, inner/ outer, subject/ object, conscious/ unconscious break down and dissolve into a non-dual, Unified Field of pure Consciousness. Not to be confused with human consciousness, which is merely a highly evolved form of purusa, but the very foundation and ground of all that is.

Non-duality, or advaita, integrates and reconciles all of the above philosophies, stating that both subject and object, inner and outer, mind and matter are aspects and modifications of a unitary ground of pure Being. Matter, even though it is governed by inherent natural laws, is seen to exist only as it arises within the space of Consciousness. In this regard, what we humans call matter is only our unique sensory experience, and totally relative to receiving-perceiving structure. Matter is what we call the sensory impressions that appear within our limited subjective awareness. 

When that Awareness is identified with thoughts, feelings, or emotions, we call it subjective mind, creating all forms of ego self-referencing to express its underlying sentience. When Awareness is identified with sensory impressions, we call it our body and the material world it lives in. Yet both subject and object, mind-stuff and sensory-impression, appear within the empty embrace of an underlying Awareness that exists as the non-dual ground for all that arises. 

The understanding and realization that Consciousness is the very ground of Being was discovered by techniques that conformed to the scientific method, but aimed in a different direction. The science of mysticism explores the deep levels of consciousness accessible to the individual. When the surface mind is stilled, and the egoic identification transcended, the mystic discovers a Unified Field of Consciousness where all dualities are transcended. Time ends, space disappears, and all that remains is an ocean of pure luminous Awareness. 

The Nature of Prakriti 

Aside from the fact that what we call “matter” is in actuality a sensory moment experienced in consciousness, physicist are discovering that matter itself doesn’t really exist at fundamental levels. If we zoomed into the atom of a rock, for example, we would find 99.99% empty space. And the .001% that is not empty has been discovered to be a mere probabilistic cloud of possibilities awaiting a measurement to localize. Quarks and protons are seen to be mere fluctuations of a deeper field, making up a nucleus that is surrounded by vast empty space before the electron cloud is even detected.


However, physicists are finding that this space between the nucleus of the atom and the whirling electron, which they are calling quantum vacuum, is not empty but actually full. A plenum rather then a true vacuum. As understood through the uncertainty principle in quantum mechanics, there are countless probabilistic fluctuations undulating in and out of existence in what physicist are also calling the zero-point field. These probabilistic fluctuations, now called zero-point energy, appear to contain unimaginable amounts of energy. This unfathomable energy and density is generated by the dance of countless virtual particles and antiparticles popping in and out of existence, creating almost infinite energy when added all together. 


Maverick physicist Hassim Haramein has gone even further, stating that the quantum fluctuation is actually a mini- spherical vortex, what is called a dual torus, which is spinning at the most fundamental level of creation. It is this inward moving spin that generates the outward radiating field, thus giving form to the whirling structures seen across our cosmos: from sub-atomic particles, to planets, to solar systems, to galaxies, to galactic clusters. Nassim claims that the spin unifies all universal forces, as its attractive nature is expressed in the strong nuclear force and gravity, and its radiant nature in the electromagnetic spectrum and the weak atomic force of radioactivity. The energy is pulled into the vacuum while simultaneously emanating out through its own centrifugal forces in an endless feedback loop of self-creation. 


A proton, Haramein tells us, is composed of these quantum fluctuations, which remember are but little vortices in the quantum field. They are measured in Plank lengths, the smallest possible unit of measurement, which is so small that if you were to have one of these PSUs (Plank Spherical Units as Haramein calls them) be the size of a grain of sand, the proton diameter would be the distance from the sun to Alpha Centauri; forty trillion kilometers to be exact. Therefore, the proton is the product of countless spinning PSUs, whirling the entire fractal universe into existence like the opening of a flower. 


Yogis knew that Shakti was a spiral; that prakriti moved in endless cycles across all levels of manifestation. It is the serpentine energy that is spinning our entire cosmos into existence, as all forms and patterns of nature reveal the cyclical and fractal nature of prakriti. Tai chi masters move with it, calling it chi, and yogis work with it, calling it prana, as careful observation reveals the vibratory nature of all existence. Prakriti-shakti is the dancing feminine principle of creation, the Mater, weaving creation into being through the endless cycles of Her spiral dance.

Nature of Purusa


What is causing the spiral? What is prakriti moving toward? Nassim Haramein states that at the center of the whirling fluctuation is a singularity, a point of infinite energy, curvature, and density. In effect, the proton is a min-black hole, as is the PSU. In fact, the whole universe can be described as a black hole/ white hole phenomena, as it allegedly sprang forth from an infinite point of compressed potentiality, the singularity, and to it it shall return. What we see then at all fractal levels is a toroidal energy field, prakriti, spinning around an empty center that itself transcends the known laws of physics. A singularity appears to be at the center of all known structures of creation, from the quantum fluctuation to the cosmos as a whole.


In physics, a singularity is a region where space contracts, time ends, and all know physical laws break down due to an almost unimaginable gravitational pull. It is dimensionless, as space-time is annihilated; formless, as anything larger than a photon is compressed into an infinite point of stillness. Yet, it is the mysterious power source that spins atoms into being, lights up the stars at night, orbits the planets around the sun, networks stars into galaxies, weaves galaxies into clusters, and gives birth to the cosmos we so happily inhabit. In effect, it is a dimensionless and timeless core out of which and into which all manifesting energies flow.

What else do we know to be dimensionless, timeless, formless? Awareness, the inner being, sentience, life! In effect, purusa is the singularity, radiating within the whirling electromagnetic and physiological field that is our body. Life is the singularity of biology, orchestrating the fractal fields of organic nature to create endless eco-diversity. In humans we call purusa soul, or atman, and feel it as the animating force spinning molecules off the genetic assembly line to sustain our physical organism. 

From the atom’s inner mini-singularity, keeping it in gyrating existence, to the spark of life in the heart of all living cells, spinning the genetic codes for their survival, to the self-aware human mind, keeping our lives going, the inner purusa is in constant dialogue with his partner prakriti. The internal sentient spark of radiant Shiva illuminating and in-forming the dancing creativity of Shakti, as they create worlds from their endless love affair. Prakriti looses herself in cyclical time, yearning for her beloved purusa as she spirals back toward her dear One.  

Unification in Brahma

When Shiva and Shakti unite in sacred Love, when prakriti and purusa dissolve into each other, when subject and object merge in Samadhi, Brahma awakens as the enlightened Being it has always been, the very Source of all existence. The quantum unified field of physics, prakriti, and the sentience within us all, purusa, reunite as the true Unified Field of creation: pure Consciousness. What we call the universe is Consciousness, expressing itself as stars, planets, and galaxies on the outer surface, and as inner entangled and nonlocal realms of consciousness within. Both the inner and the outer being expressions of the One. And as Samkhaya remind us, atman and Brahma are identical, as there is only one Singularity, one Source, and you are It!

Personal Piece

En-theo-gen: a brief look into the components of journeying with 5-MeO-DMT

Valeria Salas Carrillo

Looking freely into the root components of the word entheogen, which means finding the God within or becoming the God within, we can find a map for a full transformative experience, that can actually take us through and beyond healing. 

By now it has become evident that doing one (or many) healing ceremonies, no matter what medicine it is that we are using, does not seem to have significant or lasting effects in our lives, with no proper preparation and integration; any amazing experience with psychedelics can become just a great memory, or worse, it can become another ego trap. 

The word entheogen contains three concepts: en, theos and gen, and this can be a map, with key aspects to observe in our practice, no matter from what perspective we, as facilitators, choose to work with psychedelics. I´ve found this structure particularly important when working with 


The first concept found in the word entheogen, is en, which means within, and I relate this with the preparation phase. I see this as a moment of doing in-ternal work to find and refine the in-tention that the person will bring to the medicine session. This may sound very simple, but it is actually way more profound than it seems to be, since we are not talking here just about curiosity, or coming up with an intellectual idea of what we would like to achieve. 

When we see the particle en, as the preparation fase, we can understand that this part of the journey it´s about coming within. This is very important to observe. Many people want to use psychedelics as a way to go within, as an awakening, nevertheless, and specially with 5-MeO-DMT, when we haven´t seen within before, we have no map, no lantern, we can end up disoriented or even shocked and terrified. 

Coming within (en) means coming to our vulnerability, see with honesty the present state of the body, mind, emotions and spiritual connection. And being there, in deep intimacy, ask: what do I need?, what do I desire?, what pains me?, what is preventing me to express and share my gifts to the fullest? 

A good practitioner must be loving-stillness: a safe hand to hold to take the participant deep within themselves to explore, to find the questions, to see themselves honestly, in full respect and acceptance of whatever is arising. Personally, when I facilitate journeys, I take time for bonding, time to listen to what the participant is expecting from me and their boundaries, as well as share my own boundaries. 

Why do I consider this to be particularly important when working with 5-MeO-DMT? This amazing medicine, doesn´t ask for permission, in just a minute it can take the masks and layers of the personality down, and it is a prison break for everything that lives underneath. With no clear intention from the participant, and no clear map from the practitioner, that experience can be pure chaos, energy overflowing, ghosts and shadows can get unlocked with no direction and container, and everything can become a fantasy trap for the ego. 

The second concept in entheogen is theo, which means God. We don´t want to get into a discussion about God here, but just to relate this part of the journey with the medicine session. When sitting with 5 MeO, we might get into a temporary non dual state, or face to face with a formless deity, or at the very least the medicine can take us to fully surrender to the present moment: unmasked, naked. 

This is an extreme moment of vulnerability, the mind, the body, the soul, will tremble, structures will fall apart. And this is why I relate this part of the journey with the particle theo; no matter what concept of the divine we might have, this moment is sacred: secret, untouchable. And must be treated as that.

By treating the voyage as sacred, I don´t mean it has to be a ceremony, I mean it has to be treated with full attention, integrity and respect. Creating a physical environment that is clean, safe and invites intimacy through beauty; mind environment that is well structured and spacious; emotional environment that is open, loving and flowing. Knowing that everything has to be consensual, even a simple eye gaze. Being selfless.

Just as the participant will go into a selfless experience guided by the medicine, the practitioner needs to gracefully get into a selfless state, to be present in love, and let go of any personal curiosity, passion or story, to hold space for an experience of the sacred. 

The last part of the journey is many times, sadly, ignored. And many other times, we don´t really know what we are talking about when we talk about integration, we simply don´t know what to do. The third particle in entheogen is gen, which means origin but also creation, as in the words genius or Genesis, and to me this is a very important key to understand integration, and has been my main focus during the last couple of years of my practice: to create. 

Integration with 5-MeO-DMT is a lot about understanding, giving narrative to what we experienced during the voyage, and bringing those lessons to our lives. No matter how deeply and beautifully we can think and word what we learned, to me the most important question here is: what am I going to create with this? What do I want to create for my life and others with this precious experience? Creating is putting into action the essence of the experience, giving birth to a new reality, transforming pain into beauty. 

Personal Conversational Piece


Eugene Alliende


An e-mail dialogue between two psychonauts: Authors Steve Turner (The DMT Diaries) and Eugene Alliende ((Dimensions of Being: An Explorer’s Guide to Consciousness) discuss zero-point energy, the Akashic field, Consciousness, the Singularity, and the nature of N,N DMT vs. 5 MeO DMT.

Hi Eugene, I have just finished reading your book Dimensions of Being and I think it is a truly terrific piece of work. I was first made aware of it by your interview with Martin W. Ball on his podcast, and was intrigued and impressed enough to order a copy the same day. I had an intuition it would be good, but I was amazed just how good. The depth and breadth of it cannot obviously be summed up in the space of an interview, and the scale of it approximated up in a summary.  I’ve recently written a smaller book on DMT and 5 MeO DMT too, and thought that I’d researched all the most lucid books on the subject. The past few months have proved me very wrong. There have been some excellent new books on this subject of which your book is one of the most outstanding examples. (There are a number of books by Ervin Laszlo, Rick Strassman, and Eben Alexander which are being released over the next few weeks which I am awaiting with equal anticipation). Next year I am planning to write a sequel (or update I guess) and would love to have your permission to quote your book at length, as I think it one of the most insightful and comprehensive available. I think we have come to very similar conclusions from very different starting points. It is also a pleasure to read. 

Hi Steve, Thanks so much for your kind words and your feedback, you put a smile in my heart! I would be very interested in reading your book, and would be honored to be quoted on your next one. What is the title of your book? Can I find it on Amazon? I would also love to learn more about your journey, your work with the medicines, and your ‘conclusions’ on It All 😉 look forward to future discussions! Peace, Eugene

Hi Eugene, thanks for the swift reply! The book is called The DMT Diaries you can buy it on Amazon or I am fine to send a copy if you like. I think we are of a similar age and probably in higher education at the same time. In my youth I was fascinated by the French intellectual Guy Debord but became disillusioned after his suicide and polemic legacy. I loved the American comedian Bill Hicks though, who died in the same year and impressed me the more I discovered about him. Through him I discovered Terence McKenna, Joe Rogan, and Rick Strassman who managed to turn most of my beliefs upside down. To understand Debord I studied Hegel in great depth, and loved your evolutionary portrayal of consciousness influenced by Wilber and Leary which seems highly sympathetic to this form of evolutionary idealism. James Oroc’s superb book cemented this idea and introduced me to the brilliant Ervin Laszlo and the Akashic Field of whom you expound with great insight. Your book details this evolutionary process with uncanny sentiment. We also appreciate the same scientists too like Bohm, Davies, and John Gribbin. I think you will find our views incredibly close if you don’t get bored with the sociological first chapter. I have quite a bit of experience with smoked DMT (150?), but at various doses in strength (a tip from Rick Strassman’s studies). I’m sure that the most fundamental experience though is the 5 MeO DMT epiphany in which I have never dared to go all the way yet, I don’t know if its cowardice, or because of a lack of a “guide” (anyone with experience who can guide me through it if necessary, or goes bad), like you and I know the power of these substances and consequences, and treat them with the utmost respect. Your book seemed to encapsulate these ideas that we have both experienced and make the most theoretical sense.  I hope your book gains the recognition it deserves, it will be a valuable piece literature.                

Hi Steve, Just ordered your book, and I am looking forward to reading it! Seems like our minds have meandered through similar territory! Below is a post I wrote for DoseNation a while back.. Thought you might enjoy it. See what you think. It’s amazing that by shifting a couple of atoms around we can access completely different dimensions of reality! Look forward to ongoing discussions. 

   While I agree that there needs to be much more research done on the pineal-DMT hypothesis from the empirical end, it is a very compelling argument when you follow the metabolic trail of tryptophan. Tryptophan, a crucial amino acid for life, seems to be modified into serotonin in the presence of light. In the absence of light, the pineal converts the serotonin into the “sleep hormone,” melatonin. The hypothesis here is that in prolonged darkness, as experienced in sensory-depravation, dark cave meditation, prolonged silent meditation (as in my ten-day silent meditation retreats), ascetic isolation, or in the deepest dreamless sleep at nights (delta brain state) the melatonin is converted into 5MeO-Tryptamine by the HIOMT enzyme, which is one or two atomic shifts away from 5MeO-DMT and DMT. It is very conceivable that the deepest illuminations of nirvakalpa Samadhi after years of prolonged meditation can be mediated by the modification of these endogenous tryptamines. James Kent pointed out that the traces of endogenous DMT are too small to really have a psychic effect, UNLESS we were to have endogenous MAOI’s to potentiate the DMT. And apparently, the pineal does produce MAOIs, such as the pinole enzyme, and possibly harmaline and harmine, therefore hypothetically making the endogenous tryptamines effective in the brain. Now James also points out that if this were the case (DMT as source of spiritual experience), then the literature would be littered with depictions of elves, aliens, etc. (Tibetan Buddhism, Celtic pagans, and Hinduism do have some trippy imagery..), which is really not the case. But, the literature of ALL wisdom traditions do speak of the brilliant White Light of the Illumined Enlightened Mind, and if you’ve ever tried 5MeO-DMT you would instantly know this experience. In other words, it seems to me that 5MeO is a more likely ‘sprit molecule’ candidate given the similarity of experience; namely the experience of the Pure White Light. I have personally spent many hours in silent dark meditation (no drugs), as in the 10-day vipassana silent meditation retreats I attend yearly. In these retreats one has the option of meditating in a sensory-deprived cell; total darkness and silence for hour on end. My experience after seven days of this, at the peak, is very similar, if not identical, to the 5MeO flash. I even feel experientially how there is an inner shift in my brain, as my focus is the third eye (pineal). As I focus on the center of my brain, I seem to experience an inner secretion that literally fills my entire being with light (the inner nectar that the yogis talk about, maybe). Anyhow, given my inner experiences and the fact that DMT is so easily manufactured in our brains, the pineal-DMT hypothesis seems a worthy endeavor of pursuit.

Hi Eugene, Thanks for the response, it is really interesting to understand the biological mechanisms involved in these experiences. Is there any difference in your experience of the non-dual “singularity” first experienced by you with LSD, and the transcendental states achieved through deep meditation, or are they to you identical? I’m trying to find a model that sheds light on the very different experiences of 5 Me0 DMT and DMT, and would appreciate your views on the “interdimensional multiverse” hypothesis with the divine singularity at its core, or do you believe these “alien” realms derive from other more mental sources? I would really like to get your views on a You Tube video I recently watched (when you have time), which I found very interesting, which is called DMT, the oneness, source, ONE LOVE (21.38 min). I’m hoping you can help give a clearer model of the ontology of these different realms and their co-existence. I hope you like the book, I think you’ll find plenty of overlap in our ideas, and influences, but I’m still catching up in many areas. 

Hi Steve, Just watched the YouTube video you recommended..,, great description of the “two” planes: the multidimensional DMTverse full of sentient, synesthetic beings with other-worldly information, and the completely formless, timeless, nondual White Light Void. In my experience, the formless nondual Source is identical, no matter what path I take (LSD , deep samadhi-meditation, or 5 MeO), with perhaps a gradient in depth, intensity, and brightness, the full 5MeO release being the most full on. In this flash there is only One, eternally, and it is Love in the deepest sense. N, N DMT, however, is fascinating in the sense that it is totally alien, translinguistic, impossible, hyper dimensional, and fully inhabited by other entities. I think there is an interaction with our own psychology, but the frequency, I believe, seems to be from an alternate continuum, with cosmic secrets that are totally mind blowing.

   So in my developing understanding, the DMTverse seems to be the inner subtle planes of the visionary shamanic world (7th level) of the Spirit realm, and level 8, accessed reliably with a 5MeO blast, is Pure Consciousness, the singularity Source out of which All dimensions are a modification and manifestation of. And this deep timeless Source is non-other than the very Presence we are right now; the Witness behind the diverse possible displays.

   I’m finding that the brain as ‘quantum receiver of consciousness’ theory to be the most compelling , insinuating the possibility of access to non local information inherent in a holographic multidimensional multiverse.

    What is you experience ? Have you reached the White Light with N, N DMT (I have not; it’s always been visionary for me) How about with 5MeO; have you had visionary experiences with it? (I have not; it’s always been the pure white light for me). With (pure) LSD I am able to go into the void, and traverse the layered dimensions, at will. And of course there is ketamine…a whole different discussion, but totally amazing as well. Anyhow, enough rambling… Great to share field notes with another fellow psychonaut! Blessings, Eugene.

Hi Eugene, Great response! This was the impression that I got from your book, and the model that seems to be the most compelling. It also rings the most true from personal experience. I’ve tasted these realms which seem to be dimensions which appear to intersect with our own – and I’m sure like many others, they seem so far beyond personal imagination and ego projection. Often hyper-technological and very alien. (Though this opinion is not always supported by some who still find these realms as “illusionary” compared to the nondual source of pure consciousness). I have not yet reached this level through N-N, DMT, or 5 MeO DMT, but I am certain that this is the core revelation that I’ve searched for, and that you and articulate so well. I’m not sure why I’m still hesitant to take that final step. I watched a great new documentary this year called AYA: Awakenings by Rak Razam which is principally about the new ayahuasca trail, but whose highlight is his 5 MeO trip rendered in animated form. The question seems to be are you ready to meet God yet? For a flawed individual it still feels as daunting as it is compelling, even though it seems suffused with the purest form of love. I’ve been lucky so far as I’ve not had any bad experiences, but I get the impression that sooner or later that is par for the course. I was quite surprised to learn that even Terence McKenna used psychedelics very little in the last ten years of his life, because of a quite horrific mushroom experience. Have you had any negative experiences with entheogens, or has your meditative training shielded you from such encounters? Ketamine often sounds even more bizarre than the DMT realms – was it for you?

Hi Steve, Out of my many journeys (more then I can count), I am happy to report I’ve had only two difficult experiences (by no means negative or ‘bad’, just challenging), and they were with the mushroom. I do think a meditation practice has been essential for confident navigation; a practice that cultivates the center, open awareness, and an ability to let go. And yes, I do think a meditative context and technique minimizes difficult experiences and facilitates the mystical experience. For instance I was able to achieve full samadhi, formless mystical union every time with pure LSD and meditation (only with pure, which I haven’t seen in close to a decade, unfortunately), but not with the mushroom….the mushroom seems to have its own agenda, as if it were an Other guiding and relating with me. Same with ayahuasca and to some extent n, n dmt. After getting the hang of surfing the ketaverse, the meditation practice was essential for helping me manifest realities in that space. In the ketamine experience you become pure consciousness , but with the ability to manifest (virtual) realities via movements of the mind; and with meditation I was able to master this ability . Without meditation the experience seems to unfold on its own accord (possibly guided by the unconscious tendencies?). And with K, there is never any fear; as if the fear centers are deactivated in the brain. Still, I think that the DMTverse is weirder, more alien, and way more astonishing than K. I did not meet entities in the ketaverse, only entire universes inhabited by one consciousness. Whereas in the DMT land the beings are undeniable, playful, intelligent, and wanting to connect and communicate. I’ve never encountered beings on 5MeO; only white light. I do think meeting god in meditation, as in resting in pure awareness, before full 5MeO release is helpful… But it is always unnerving to watch the entire space time continuum melt into the singularity, no matter how much we know our original nature. What are some of your thoughts on these experiences? Have you explored other psychedelics, or just DMT? Have great day !

Hi Eugene, I believe you have far more experience with psychedelics than myself, and to be honest it is only in the last 5 years that I have really discovered the DMT realms. In my younger days I experimented a little with acid, and mushrooms, but mainly out of curiosity than serious exploration. I remember reading about DMT vaguely in McKenna’s Food of the Gods, but talk of “self transforming machine elves at the end of time” just baffled me. I instead studied classical German and Greek philosophy in search of answers to the mysteries of the cosmos. My love of the dark side of American stand-up is ironically the link that fired my interest (because of the accounts of people like Joe Rogan and Doug Stanhope), and since then become my main source of fascination. Let’s face it, is there any other possible experience that can within a space of minutes, turn everything you thought you knew about the universe upside down! Since then I have tried to study every available book on the subject, as well as practical experimentation. The fact that these chemicals are endogenous, and appear to have no side effects at all within human metabolism, so you return completely physically unaffected simply added to the profundity of the mystery. As you possess a greater, and wider depth of experience, there are many questions I would really value your opinion on, but I don’t want to deluge you with requests because I know you have a busy profession, and family to also focus on, and I do not want to become tiresome. Would it be ok with you if I could ask possibly one big question a week? (some of these questions I know are pretty tricky, and I think I have about twenty), but I think after reading your book there is no-one better to ask. Some questions are more spiritual, some philosophical, and quite a few more scientific. Your perspective would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Steve, Ask away! I find incredible pleasure in discussing and exploring all these questions, their implications, and applications. As you probably know, there are not too many people who have peeked ‘behind the curtain’ of reality, and it’s always a joy to find a kindred spirit. One thing is to experience these realms, another is to make sense of them, articulate them, and fit them into an overall understanding of existence. Conversation on these topics I feel are essential if we are to create maps of this uncharted territory. And you are right, there is nothing out there as potent, and life transforming, in minutes, as DMT. It’s just there, one toke away, a hyper dimension so alive, intelligent, with endless novelty and information, combining in impossible ways in order to communicate with us! And the fact that our brain- pineal manufactures this stuff has implications that are truly worth discussing. So yes, I look forward to an ongoing dialogue! Cheers, Eugene

Thanks Eugene, But I promise to give you a lot more breathing space. One of the concepts I’ve been wrestling with is two apparent processes, and how they might fit together. Like you I find Ervin Laszlo’s Akashic Field theory very compelling, so that every event and action is eternally imprinted within the quantum vacuum through electromagnetic wave interference patterns, and consciousness is a “non-local” phenomenon, with the brain acting as a “quantum interface” between the holographic interaction of mind and matter. The DMT realms seem to operate like vibrational frequencies, or concentric circles of more subtle emanations, different dimensional realms, moving towards the non-dual singularity at its core, like in Kabbalah, Sufism, and Gnostism. I’m having difficulty conceptualizing how these processes interact, and interrelate, is consciousness the zero-point field itself, or as I suspect rather the log book? How do we traverse these different plains with our current identity intact? Can these questions be answerable within our current physical form, and conceptual realm? I thought I’d start with a nice easy one!

Hey Steve, Just got your book in the mail, and I’m very excited to get into it! We both have been reading the same authors, and are definitely thinking along the same lines… Your question is a very good one, and I’ll give a short initial perspective, for id like to get into your book to see where your coming from before I get too much into my response.

   But in essence, I think the unified field, or non local singularity, is nondual ; meaning that it is the union of inner and outer , matter and spirit, subject and object, conscious and unconscious. It’s just One Source. Out of that mysterious unified nondual Source erupts manifestation, with an inner sentience, and an outer objective ‘shell,’ and these co-evolve in complexity over time. The underlying zero point field that physics measures is the objective (prakriti in yoga) aspect of the Field, and the deepest samadhis of pure Consciousness is the subjective (purusha) aspect (Penrose calls it proto-conscious). In the deepest flash, they both merge as the One Source (Brahma, one-without-a-second) out of which our sentient universe unfolds and returns. This process remains recorded as the memory of Universal Mind….So the Field Is Universal Consciousness, as thoughts are forms apprehended by pure formless witness. In the 5 MeO flash I feel our individual consciousness (wave) returns to unified Universal Consciousness (ocean). In DMT perhaps we are accessing subtle emanations, virtual patterns of the field, Bardo realms, carrying info from alternate dimensions, planes, or frequency domains? Since our senses only capture a small slice of the possible spectrums of reality, I believe there may be lots of sentience existing in different planes, frequency domains, accessed by neuro-chemically modified brains. The ZPF likely contains all domains holographically, and we may have access nonlocally. And psychedelics seem to insinuate that the deepest pure Consciousness can manifest as elaborate holographic realities; therefore, ZPF, quantum vacuum, pure formless Consciousness, White Light, God may all be labels for the One Eternal Source. What do you think? I’m excited to check out and comment on your book!

Hi Eugene, That is one hell of an initial response! I knew you were the right man to ask. I’ve re-read your reply a number of times and I am still processing it. I’ll let you finish the book first, and I guess you’ll be able to see the strengths and weaknesses of my understanding so far. I am going to read your response a couple more times.

Hey Steve, Just wanted to let you know that I am half way through your book an THOROUGHLY enjoying it!! Love how you started with the heady German philosophers, transitioned with the comedian, and unfolded into McKenna (this is we’re I’m at; have a feeling it’s going to get even better as you get into the cosmology stuff!) brilliant work! More comments to follow as I continue to dive in. By the way, I did some research this morning, and watched revelations by Bill Hicks. You’re spot on, he is a genius! Thanks for turning me on to him, it was great! Blessings, Eugene

Hi Eugene, I’m really glad you enjoyed Bill Hicks! As you can probably tell, I have a real soft spot for both him and Terence, both of whom I felt were very smart, witty, and unique characters. Bill impressed me as much in his private life as his public. He was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer within a year of that performance, but told nearly no-one, and carried on his touring schedule, and taking chemo on the road, so he could continue to spread his message. He was a hell of a funny guy as well. I think we are going to find we have a lot in common. I’ve just ordered myself a copy of Rick Strassman’s new book, and if the reviews are anything to go by I think it is going to be a cracker! Is it ok for me to ask you some of the questions I am struggling with, and hope you can give me a better insight into?

Hi Steve, Currently traveling in Colombia so Internet is spotty, but ask away! Always love the conversation. I’m In the middle of your cosmological theories section… I think it is Consciousness itself that is missing from the materialist theories of the Cosmos; in the sense that parallel universes, dimensions, etc are vibrational manifestations of Consciousness; not human consciousness , but the nondual Unified Field out of which forms arise with an interior sentience and exterior form. This way the observer is ALWAYS present, therefore collapsing the wave function as it goes; the universe observing itself into existence. This perspective also helps me to understand how the info of DNA (exterior molecular structures with encoded info) can also have an interior (sentient spirit realm of intelligence, aka Gaian Mind holographically enfolded in every cell). If our brain is a transceiver, then logically it must be able to tune into these frequencies (quantum, genetic) via the modified neurochemistry (endogenously or exogenously). What are your thoughts, questions?

Hi Eugene, I think you might be telepathic! I have reread your reply a number of times but I am still processing it. This is exactly the nub of the questions I have been wrestling with in terms of the DMT phenomenon. There are a number of models of parallel worlds (and universes), as well as the more experientially plausible model of higher dimensions, which permeate and interpenetrate our own, but are accessible through altering our brain chemistry to attune to these different frequencies. The Akashic (zero-point field) theory is also the most beguiling in terms of the model of consciousness as a non-local phenomenon which suffuses and interconnects all information, and is the real mechanism of consciousness. And this field as you have experienced with 5 MeO DMT, is sourced from a non-dual “singularity.” What I was having difficulty comprehending was how an individual personality can traverse these fields and dimensions with its identity intact (such as with N-N, DMT). How do these mechanisms interact together? And also with the full 5 MeO DMT experience is there any retention of your own identity, or is it a pure dissolution of every trace of your personality, as you merge with this infinite source? With some near-death experiences (like Eben Alexander), the identity recognizes that it is a small part of this gargantuan field and cosmological multiverse, but there is still some separation from itself and its “creator.” Is that an illusion, or simply an uncompleted transcendental experience? I realize you have addressed some of these points, but I am afraid I still absorbing them, that was a terrific reply. I hope you have a great time in Colombia, and just reply when you have the available time.                                       

Hi Steve, I’m back from Colombia now, so fully connected. When I explore your question internally and within, I find that the notion of identity, personality, or ego seems to be an illusory set of patterns that have no inherent reality; I can’t find such a thing within. In the full 5 MeO release these patterns completely evaporate, yet Awareness remains. In fact it becomes apparent that Awareness is the Field and the only thing that is Real, non-changing , ever present , just is. This is not my personal awareness (which is encapsulated in my looping thoughts that create a sense of personal self) but the transpersonal Awareness within all things. So in the deepest samadhi the person disappears, but the deepest I AM remains, free, unconditioned, beyond space and time, name and form. In n, n dmt the thought process (ego) seems to remain, therefore maintaining a sense of separate self in relation to the other (beings, visions, patterns, worlds). When I explore other realities, say with K or LSD , I first go into pure Nondual Consciousness, to then manifest realities from an inner impulse that allows a separation of self/ other , subject/object…presumably the reason why/how God created the cosmos at the larger fractal level (we are parts that reflect the whole after all) . On 5 MeO there are no other realities, just pure Consciousness, which is the deepest you without thought or connection to individual self. The ego may react to this with fear, therefore the need to fully surrender and let go. Meditation has been essential for me in helping my mind train to release and let go. I find less need to use the medicines as I learn to rest in pure Awareness, the basic Timeless Presence behind all things, the very Witness of this moment. In that full release there is no Eugene, just freedom. The minute a vision / thought arise (duality) the wave collapses into form and the pattern of Eugene Vs. not Eugene returns. Does this address your question? 

Hi Eugene, Yes, that is definitely a very lucid and articulate answer! I have a couple of very different questions which I am interested in when you have the time. One which is more straight forward: is 5 MeO best experienced through toad venom, or as a pure chemical (I don’t know if you have tried both, or if there is any significant difference, I know toad venom has other chemicals in like bufotenin, which may alter the experience)? Is there any known difference? One of the questions which most preoccupies me is: Do you see any fundamental teleological purpose God manifests in this panorama of forms and fields? Is it for the pure existential pleasure of the experience, or is there some higher purpose for which we as individual incarnations are being propelled? Is there any higher goal you envisage? I know you have discussed this to a certain degree with Martin, but I wondered if you had anything more you wished to expand on?           

Hi Steve, I’ve only tried the synthetic 5 MeO which I got years ago through the internet when it was still legal. I would assume a slight variation with the toad, just as there is a slight difference between peyote and pure mescaline. Yet with the full blast I would imagine all differences collapse, as there is only One White Light.

    Your other question is a great one, discussed throughout the ages by mystics and philosophers. Again, from an inner perspective, when I rest in nondual formless Consciousness, the impulse to manifest as visionary experience comes from a place of curiosity, exploration, fun. I would assume that at the cosmic fractal level it would be the same (as above, so below). So Spirit manifests for the dance, the sport, the drama, the experience..what else would it do with an eternity, with infinite potential? As far as purpose goes, I always thought that the purpose of the universe was to become aware of itself, and reach an Omega Point of full remembrance of its original Oneness; the renunciate mystic returning to the One by stepping off the wheels of birth and death and dissolving the entire space-time illusion. Now, however, I’m more inclined to believe that Spirit wants to manifest higher, further, into unimaginable realms of infinite novelty and beauty. I can imagine individuals becoming nth-dimensional gods with powers to manifest multidimensional universes at a single thought; because here’s the rub, from the perspective of the timeless One, nothing ever happens! It is already one, eternally fulfilled, enlightened, united, saved, and liberated. So as a Free Being it projects itself endlessly into fractally evolving universes, lives, existences, dimensions, parts of It sometimes getting lost, but always eventually returning H-Ommm-e, which is always in the stillness of the Now. In other words, the fulfillment, Omega, purpose of evolution is always here now, as the singularity within all things. Yet the singularity projects, ‘big bangs’ forms into existence, which evolve in complexity and novelty over time. All patterns get recorded in the memory of One Mind/ZPF in order to keep growing and learning in the relative realms. I guess a way to simplify this is to say that there is the Absolute, which is the ever present perfection of the Oneness, already fulfilled with no real purpose, and the relative realms of evolving forms which are always striving to reach the One, as the spiral in a vortex always strives towards the center singularity but never reaches it. The relative realm’s purpose is to seek union, the center, but it will never reach it until lit stops being the relative! Form needs a purpose to evolve, but once form realizes that it is one with formlessness, in the now, there no longer is a purpose because it realizes in mystical flash that it was always part of the Absolute. Does any of that make sense?

Hi Eugene, Your explanations are so far the best models I have come across for explaining the whole spectrum of phenomena encountered through altered states of consciousness, as well scientific paradoxes, and divergent schools of religious belief. You are very eloquent on these topics and have obviously spent a long time contemplating them. These models are nearer to my conception of the layers of reality of the universe (or multiverse?) than any other writer, and what impresses me the most is that you possess the experiential knowledge which illuminates it. Sometime early next year I am determined to take that final step, and travel to the core, but I will try to get myself well prepared first, (If that’s ever possible!). I’ve just got hold of Rick Strassman’s new book, which is quite a departure from The Spirit Molecule, as is based on a different model coined “Theoneurology,” of religious experience, in particular Hebrew prophesy, so I might be quiet for a few days. At first glance I am a little cautious of this model, but I have great respect for his work, and will definitely give it a fair hearing. Thanks as ever for your illuminating replies, but I still have a few more questions.

Hi Steve, I’m glad you resonate with my mind! I am still in the middle of your book and totally enjoying it! I am a little curious about your personal life….what do you do for a living? Where do you live? Do you have family or alone? It strikes me that you know some about me from my book but I don’t know anything about you….only if you feel comfortable. If you live anywhere near Ashland I would recommend Hal’s Temple of Awakening Divinity (T.O.A.D.) as he facilitates 5 MeO sessions in sacred, we’ll set environments. I usually prefer solo myself, but sometimes a supportive group environment is quite helpful; just a thought. Also developing a daily meditation practice will help enormously. Let me know your thoughts on Stassman’s book, sounds interesting. Stay in touch; love the questions as it helps me refine these ideas with a kindred mind. Peace.

Hi Eugene,  I live a pretty ordinary life in a (smallish) town in the United Kingdom. In my youth I was fascinated by the radical French intellectual Guy Debord, and considered his writing a work of art. After his suicide I got a glimpse of the ugly side of radical politics  – and became very disillusioned with this milieu, but was saved from despair by the brilliant Bill Hicks. Through Hicks and other American comedians I became fascinated by DMT, which has become my key fascination in life (though it is a pretty clandestine interest), as I do not discuss it with virtually anyone, for obvious reasons. I do not know anyone who has ever heard of DMT, or 5 MeO, let alone tried it. DMT has utterly turned my beliefs upside down, and as Marx turned Hegel upside-down to create historical materialism, I believe we are going to see the opposite happen soon, hence my fascination with 5 MeO and Hegel. I am sometimes a little jealous that America is so far in advance of the UK, in terms of research, and psychedelic counter culture, but thank God for the internet. If the organization of T.O.A.D. existed in the UK I would have been knocking on their door. Your book is probably the most insightful and comprehensive I have yet read, and I am sure when you finish mine you will notice the parallels, though coming from a very different starting point. I really hope we stay in touch because I find your “conversation” utterly compelling, and your manner very friendly. I really hope I can do justice to your insights and the admiration of your work.        

Hi Steve, Great to get a glimpse into your life! I agree, raising a family is the most profound, sacred, and rigorous spiritual practice I have ever explored. And when it’s done with a nondual gaze (mundane and sacred as aspects of one existence) it is truly a transcendental experience! To watch the kids grow, navigate the emotional realms with a partner, and maintain contact with one’s own deep spiritual movements while making a living is, well, a work of a life time!

     Funny you mention the difference in cultures: I always took the UK as the counter cultural trend setter: from the early pagan Druids, to the Beatles-Pink Floyd- Led Zeppelin British  invasion as the sound track for the sixties consciousness revolution, to the mid 80s acid house-trance-rave culture that started in the British countryside. It seemed to me that you guys got it started and then the Americans took it from there. My family and I are actually going to be in the UK next July for a month, as it will be our starting point for a world trip we are taking. I will be home schooling my kids, and will be WWOOFing (World Organization of Organic Farms) around the world. Hope to squeeze a book out of it; we’ll see. Any suggestions, thoughts, ideas on what to check out are very welcome!

     So in thinking about our discussions, it strikes me that the only thing I really know for sure, without a shadow of doubt, is that I AM. That’s it. Everything else is an afterthought, idea, postulate, theory. The ground is a simple Beingness that requires no proof, as it is self-evident, self-sustaining, self-generating, and ever present. The words God, ZPF, singularity, Spirit are just that, fingers pointing at the moon. The actual moon is pure Presence, and when examined directly, without cognitive filtering, it reveals itself as timeless, boundless, spaces less, infinite, unified, and primary, therefore the Source of experience. And since it is formless, I assume that it is at the Core of all sentient Beings as the same fundamental Presence. In that Presence all duality collapses and one just rests as The One. I believe that this One is not only at the Heart of all sentient Beings, but at the core of all subatomic particles AS the One Singularity. Therefore the Singularity = pure Consciousness! Therefore Consciousness is within everything; Intelligence is at the Heart of creation, and we are IT! One can rip the “doors of perception” open with 5 MeO, or simply learn to rest in one’s own ever present Awareness; either way, the Light from within beckons us towards its Unifying Self-Realization. And after that mystical remembrance, we “Big Bang” back into our daily lives as nondual servants of the Whole, but this time from a place of freedom, peace, love, compassion, wisdom, and curiosity. As always, great to chat with a like-minded soul. Have a great day!

Hi Eugene, Another interesting reply. I’ve spent the last week buried in books, as the three books I have been waiting for all got strangely released at the same time. Rick’s was as always interesting, as he has obviously returned to the cultural identity he was raised with in search of a different psychological model of the psychedelic experience. I think he may have been a little more bruised by the Zen Buddhists rejection of his line of research than I had perhaps realized. I think the best book was possibly Ervin Laszlo’s The Immortal Mind though, the second half of which I thought was superb, and beautifully written, and accords a lot with what you are saying. That consciousness is the primary reality, and that time (and space) are on different planes, and invokes a lot of the cutting edge quantum field theory to elucidate his insights. Imagine being able to write like that at eighty-five!

   I have another of my now all too familiar “questions” when you have the time to consider it. I was wondering what you thought about consciousnesses’ evolution. In your book you track its progress through its various biological, psychological, and historical phases. I was wondering if you thought that consciousness progresses to another dimensional plane (which seems to be suggested by nearly all the near-death literature), gets recycled, as in most reincarnation religious systems, simply dissolves back into the primary source, which is what Martin Ball seems to suggest, or any combination of the afore mentioned? Or do you think it is possible that consciousness can transmigrate into the different species and forms, witnessed in the altered state multiverse and the bizarre inhabitants of the DMT worlds, a concept that Terence McKenna occasionally toyed with?

Hey Steve, Just ordered Lazlo’s new book; looks like a good one. For some reason not so attracted to Strasmans; you think it is worth the read? How about Alexander’s new book, what is the title?

     So in considering your question I seem to align mostly with the Tibetan Buddhist model; after all these scientists of consciousness have been exploring the death/ after death phenomena for millennium , experientially. I think that consciousness after death is presented with a variety of options, depending on level of development and evolution. For those who need further work on this world (or any other world) get reincarnated for another round of schooling in that particular world. The more advanced Soul can manifest in higher, hyper dimensional, nonmaterial, alien, angelic, parallel dimensional realms, and continue to evolve there; the spirit realm where the machine elves hypothetically live (Tibetan ‘tikles’) And the enlightened master can step off the wheels of birth/ death/form all together in the complete liberation by becoming One with the Primary White Light, as the recognition of the fundamental Identity. And the more advanced master (bodhisattva) could potentially return to any chosen world/ dimension/ universe while retaining the Self-knowing, therefore being an awakened agent in whatever matrix she decides to inhabit. The collective evolutionary destiny of consciousness is maybe a trickier question. Do we evolve beyond the physical realm into astral harmonic realms, or do we continue evolving physically, technologically ….., What do you think? Enjoy your day!

Hi Eugene, Your model certainly rings true, and is even supported by non Buddhist writers like Eben Alexander. I think you are definitely going to enjoy Laszlo’s book, but I’ll advise that it a “game of two half’s” as us Brits are fond of saying, and it is the second half I most enjoyed. Rick’s book employs a far more orthodox religious model for investigating the DMT experience, which is very original and unique, but which I am not completely convinced by. Though I remain a great admirer of Rick and his ground-breaking research, and see him as a truly pioneering spirit, and a very genuine personality. I liked Eben’s book, which is called “Map of Heaven” and I enjoyed his metaphor of the two sides of Greek philosophy (with the Aristotelian side representing science, and the Platonic side representing religion, or Mysticism), as two sides of a schism which badly need healing, or at least genuine and open dialogue. I know Eben is a really smart guy, I know you have to be a neurosurgeon (I have read some of his peer reviewed articles from before his coma, and seen some of the medical technology he was involved in developing), and at times I think he holds a lot of information back. I guess not to alienate any of his audience, and continue to have a popular appeal to as many people as possible. I could be wrong, but I would love to get the full and detailed account of everything he knows, (though I would probably find it as incomprehensible as anyone else!). I’ll probably have a new question for you for the weekend.  

Hi Eugene, I have a question which you will probably find a little more unusual. I was wondering what thoughts you had on the nature of evil. Have you ever had any experience of states, or beings, that seemed to embody this quality? Does evil actually exist, or is it that our true self becomes corrupted by our inability to understand our true natures and role within existence? I believe that I, like many people who have experienced altered states, do so with a certain trepidation, for we can never be sure exactly what we will encounter there. Do you think there is redemption for any (or even every act of) evil, or are things more complex than that?

Hi Steve, Thanks for your questions, as they allow for moments of contemplation and reflection. Just finished the section on the Akashic Field in your awesome book, and what impresses me is how our lines of thinking are so parallel. We are both apparently orienting toward a similar direction. What is exciting is that we are working with actual methods of experiential exploration, rather than simply exploring theory and ideas. It’s one thing to talk about the Field, it’s another to swim in it, encountering the infinite potential patterns imprinted in that ever present realm.

    On that note, and related to your question, I believe that the whole notion of ‘evil’ may be just another, human created, pattern in the Field. I once had an entheogenically derived experience of entering a cavernous, underworld type realm that presented itself as “this is hell.” I explored it with curiosity, instead of fear, and I encountered a being that was in fact ‘the devil.’ He was laughing, as villains often do in all the movies, but he was laughing because, it was actually God in drag! In other words, it was the trickster God manifesting as this symbol that seems to represent the shadow side of our human psyche. It is all God/Consciousness/the Field, and as the deeper aspects of it-Self become lost in ignorance of their true nature, the more disconnected and potentially evil they become. I think evil is just a word we humans project onto the world. Is a lion killing a gazelle evil? Is a super nova blowing apart a galaxy evil? Is the rapist who was brutally abused as a child evil? Is the ‘terrorist’ that blows himself up in the name of his justice/ god evil? We are all One, and we all have a shadow side, which tends to manifest as the denser aspects of ego (greed, violence, hatred, fear, etc). So the evolution is about bringing light, awareness, wholeness, and love to those fragmented, unconscious, unowned shadow aspects of who we are. And what I’ve learned in my many psychonautic excursions is that if we approach each experience with true love and curiosity, there is No possible way that anything like evil can enter the space. If it does (as in the Wrathful deities of the Tibetan Bardos), to see them as mere emanations/ projections of our own Nature/ Consciousness, or saturate it with love, then it can’t help but dissolve and be transmuted into pure bliss. Ecstasis after all is the true tantric union of all opposites. We only enter the Divine realms by confronting the dark side, assimilating it, and integrating it as another aspect of who we are. If we really look deeply into the eyes of the darkest entities, we will always see, just another aspect of the Self; pure Light taking shape in just another potential form. Buddha attained enlightenment by sitting motionless, in complete equanimity, as Mara (the personification of ‘evil’ qualities such as hate, greed, ignorance, etc) tried to seduce, scare Buddha back into fear, separateness. So too we must sit in total Presence, when we are faced with challenges; either in life or in a deep entheogenic journey, and through that Presence transcend the dualistic world of good/evil and return to the original Source of One. What do you think?

Hi Steve, Just finished your chapter on NDE…fantastic work on bringing it all together!! I have really enjoyed your book, to say the least!

    I wanted to comment a little more on your original question regarding the relationship between consciousness and the zero point field… If anything to try to bring the whole notion into greater focus and clarity for myself. 

   So the core-Singularity is radically nondualistic; beyond conscious and unconscious, existence and non existence, spirit and matter. IT is nonlocal, space less, eternal, One. On the “surface,” or event horizon, there are holographically imprinted “interference” patterns that store the information of the multiverse. These patterns are dormant, in state of pure potential and probability until the inner core shines through the pattern, therefore projecting the manifest world of subject/object. The interference informational patterns are the object, and the silent inner witness the subject. Consciousness needs an object to manifest, as an object needs consciousness to manifest. The singularity core is “experienced” (although there is no experiencer) as pure, unbounded Consciousness, samadhi beyond spacetime, mystical oneness. Yet from that infinite point, Pure Consciousness has available All multiversal information spontaneously and instantly, as all info is enfolded holographically and nonlocally in the monad of Here & Now.

  Just yesterday I had a rather low functioning client that does not think about any of this tell me about a near death experience he had (synchronistic, right). He described seeing his body from an Out of body perspective, and then, in his words, “I knew everything in the universe simultaneously, and I was connected to it all, and it was pure peace.” So the core is beyond subject and object (pure Consciousness/ vacuum ), yet the dormant interference patterns become activated, separating into object/ form, and subject (the inner sentience that collapses the probability pattern into an actualized form). Does this correlate with your current thinking?

Hi Eugene, I was just about to reply to your last e-mail, when this one came through. I thought there was great wisdom in your early reply, and made me realize that I hadn’t really understood the full consequences of what I was writing about! You are right, that fundamentally if there is only one consciousness, what is there to fear, as all things are only different aspects of the one infinite consciousness? I have to admit that my first contact with the DMT entities spooked me a bit a few years ago, and I felt a little like a scientific specimen (though there was nothing aggressive or at all malicious involved, and I think they were only curious!). I think my understanding was very limited at the time as to what exactly is going on, and I guess that you also find that writing about a subject really focuses your mind on exactly what is happening, and how to explain it. I am going to read your last two replies a few more times, as I find them phenomenal, and give me a better insight into the true nature of reality. I am really glad you have enjoyed the book, I know that I am still piecing the parts of the puzzle together, and you have been of invaluable guidance. For that I am very grateful. I hope you like the last two quotes in the book, as I think it gives the sense that I was someone, who (a bit like Eben Alexander), thought he had a pretty good grasp of what was going on in the world, but ended up having all his beliefs being turned upside-down. 

    I’m sure you know, but there are a few short interviews with you posted on You Tube, which I enjoyed, and let me put a face to your name (there is of course also your excellent interview with Martin W. Ball). I’ve just posted one myself for a bit of fun. It is called predictably The DMT Diaries, because it features some of the main characters of the book, to give it a shameless plug. There is probably nothing new for someone like you, but I hoped some of the newly curious might like it. Thanks again for your brilliant replies, I’m off to read them a couple more times, and I’ll be back in touch in a couple of days!

HI Eugene, I’ve just started work on the new book, I hope to have it finished around May time next year (well that’s the plan!). I would like to ask a huge favor. When I have finished the final draft, would it be ok to send you a copy, to get our opinion, or any critique that might improve it? I realize you are a busy guy, so I won’t be offended if you haven’t the time, but I do value your opinion. I would also be interested in your opinion on the nature of light, and its relationship to consciousness. 

Hi Steve, I would be honored to review your new book… How exciting to embark on a new book project… I’m also on the edge of starting one myself; we’ll see, as preparing for this world trip is taking up much of my time.

    Meditations on Light: it seems to me that there are a couple of aspects to light. There is the visible light that is but a fraction of the entire electromagnetic spectrum, which is the subtler energy that eventually slows down to create matter. Light has an interior dimension and we call it Consciousness. So basically, everything in existence is varying densities and degrees of Light. Light in its purest form is Clear White, which is the nondual and undifferentiated unity of everything. In the first instant of creation the White Light diffracts and differentiates into a spectrum of frequencies, which we call the cosmos. As Roger Pentose speculates, every collapse of the quantum probability wave emits a simultaneous unit of proto-conscious awareness; in other words, when undifferentiated light becomes a particle, it simultaneously emits an inner conscious experience. The holographic patterns of the ZPF, which is electromagnetically encoded information, only becomes manifest when Consciousness/Witness activates it like the laser activates the hologram. When one merges into the mystical nondual White Light (whether through NDE, meditation, or 5MeO) subject and object merge, particle dissolves into pure energy, and inner and outer return to original Oneness: pure Light. Light= pure Consciousness = Energy = God = Spirit = Love.  

   Consciousness (inner subject) and light (outer radiance) are One in nondual formless causal plane (level 8). In subtle plane (level 7), shamanic visionary spirit realm, all forms are sentient and made of light/consciousness; here sentience and form are inseparable, yet beginning to differentiate. In material realm light/consciousness crystallizes as a shell becoming an object; light is projected and objectified as another; a mere shadow of the light (to borrow Plato’s allegory), as it slows, separates (cools from primordial heat), and condenses as the material world. Speed up matter (hit of 5MeO anyone?) and it returns to pure light (E=mc2). As one approaches the speed of light, time slows and space contracts relative to the rest of the evolving cosmos; when one reaches the speed of light, one becomes the light, therefore completely obliterating space time altogether; thus pure Light IS, outside and beyond space-time.

(Morning thoughts with my cup of coffee 🙂

Have a great day!